Thanksgiving 2017

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Wow. It has been two years since I have done this segment… BUT I cannot wait touring it back. For those of you who are new, once you see my Thanksgiving intro post I will start writing daily thankful messages.

These messages are in hopes that you, yourself, will evaluate what you are thankful for in your life. In addition to discovering what you are thankful for, you may even be able to encourage others to do the same. It could make this time of year much easier for some.

I’m looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with you!


An Open Letter to my Family

Hey guys!

I would first like to preface why I decided to write this post. I went back and forth about it wondering if I should just keep it to myself since I guess to some it may seem like bragging. Except my reasoning for writing it is the exact opposite. I want people who are in the same boat as me to see how lucky they are and to be conscious that not everyone is that lucky.

So yes, I am talking about how fortunate I am. But it is in hopes that people in a similar situation see how fortunate they really are.

Dear Mom, Dad and Dillon,

I have always known that I am very fortunate to have you as my family. But as I go further through college I am meeting more and more people. One thing that comes with meeting more people is hearing of their experiences and their family.

I am so lucky to have a both of my parents married and living in the same house. Right now I am trying to think of who in my life has parents with their marriage intact; let me tell you, there is only about fifty percent. Even beyond that, I am so lucky to have parents who actually enjoy spending time with me and Dillon. Some people may have parents with an intact marriage, but that may not necessarily mean that they want to spend time with their children.

I am also very lucky to have a sibling, I realize not everyone has one or wants one–but I don’t know what I would do without you. My life would have been very different. I have learned so much from you whether that was from screaming at each other as kids or making jokes that are literally only funny to us.

This is not to say that we as a family are perfect, but in a lot of ways we are. Everything we go through we go through together. Even when I’m having a bad day and I’m wondering why something is happening the way it is. I always have you guys. I am so lucky for that.

Thank you.


New Apps and Websites For Your Child

Hey guys!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day. If you aren’t, why don’t you try out some fun games. Yes, the title says they are meant for your child but adults can have fun too!

Recently for a class I am taking I had to visit two websites and two apps. By visit I mean play the games, look up information and review how good the app actually is. All the work is done for you. Below I will provide links to each website and underneath that I will leave a link to the actual review!

Android app: Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle

Apple app: Maily

Website 1: PBSKids

Website 2: ABCYa

Click here to view my reviews on two websites, one Apple app and one Android app.

I hope this helps those of you looking to help your children learn and play all at the same time. That goes for you too, teachers!

Thanks for stopping by.


What is Netiquette?

Hey guys!

Todays post is going to be a little more informational than usual, but I recently discovered this new outlet to create projects on. is a great place to create interactive and informational projects that display different ideas.

As you can see below there are videos, notes and pictures that you can view. You also have the ability to be able to move your curser up/down or right/left.

I will definitely be using this program throughout my teaching career for both personal and classroom use. I may even include this in a lesson plan to allow my students to create their own informational board.

Below, you can see my quick explanation of the project and the actual padlet which is embedded into this post.

Working with my partner, Dariel Santana, we created a Padlet that discusses the topic of Netiquette, which is online etiquette and legal issues. This project contains different information, examples, videos and pictures of Netiquette and different legal issues. There are also two lesson plans provided in this Padlet that can be used in the classroom. 

Check out our Padlet below!

Made with Padlet

Really and truly create one. You won’t regret it. It is an irreplaceable resource.


I’m Back

To start off, it is absolutely wonderful to be back. I took some time off from this site to try and figure out what I wanted from life and where I wanted to end up. I have finally figured it out (for the most part). I’m not going to discuss it in this post because lets be realistic, I haven’t written here for probably a year or even two. I did start posting on my YouTube channel that I created. Don’t worry, I will find a way to post it.

When I first made this site I wanted it to be anonymous so that anyone would read and so that anyone could find inspiration. Except now that I am starting up again, I am going to be showing you who I am. By revealing who I am and actually being more open, I think it makes a bigger impact. You can have some name to face information.

I think this change is for the best, so I cannot wait to have you come along on this journey.


New Semester RA Bulletin Boards

Here are my bulletin boards for Fall 2016! I had a lot of fun making them. I hope they help all you teachers/RAs out there to get some ideas.


For my “Get to Know Your RA” board, I used multiple materials. I used yellow backing paper and blue construction paper for the letters and informational papers. I cut out my letters using an Ellison machine (which should be provided by your school). I drew out the elephant by hand by using a picture online as reference. I also printed the pictures on computer paper. The boarder is made from streamers. I stapled about every inch or so to give the boarder the rippled effect.

I originally got the idea for a “Get to Know Your RA” board from Pinterest. I added my own twist by adding the elephant (which matches my door tags). The elephant ties in with the board because it is listed as one of the things I love. However, I didn’t want the point of the board to be all about me. For that reason, I added the questions in the lower right hand corner. I want my residents to know that I’m interested in them and their interests. I want to show that I am someone they can talk to. As an RA or as a friend.


This year, my RA staff task is Health and Wellness Coordinator. My “HIIT or Miss” board is to satisfy that requirement. Originally the idea was to have a board all about HIIT workouts, but the board ended up being much larger than I thought. I ended up explaining what a HIIT workout is and how it’s beneficial. Then I talked about how alcohol can affect your workout (this results in the potential “miss”). I also advertised our building’s Pinterest in addition to adding a “Make your own HIIT workout.”

I hope seeing my bulletin boards helped you to get some inspiration for any bulletin boards you have to make! You can make a difference through your boards. It’s your first impression most likely. Remember that.


Leave a book, take a book.

A few weeks ago I brought my brother to a physical therapy appointment. As we sat down, I noticed a book shelf in the corner that said “Leave a book, take a book.” I loved how simple this was, yet how much “the book switch” isn’t done anymore.

By writing “Leave a book, take a book,” you are encouraging reading. You are encouraging people to try a new book. You are encouraging bringing back paper books. I know in waiting rooms people usually use something to occupy themselves…but lately it seems like all people use to entertain themselves is their phones.

Encourage reading books. It is not a lost art. 

You can make a difference. Using something just as simple as a book case and a note can make a change.