I Find Peace with the Rain

Today in my art and literary based club, we were given a prompt that says “I find peace with the rain.” I am currently sitting here not sure what to write. They said we could write a story or a poem, but I thought I would write to you guys.

Our president of the club chose this prompt because it has been raining since yesterday. Yesterday it rained literally all day. Today it stopped around mid day but it’s still very cloudy and grey.

Everyone had been annoyed with the rain, but as I was walking yesterday I was happy for the rain. I love the sound, the look and the feeling that rain has. If only it were thundering, that all in itself is pure joy.

Everyday seems to be sunny or just stagnant weather. The rain creates a movement across the landscape. A beautiful movement.

The sky may be grey but there are drops of color from each lightening strike, each umbrella and each pair of rain boots. Beauty should be found in everything.

I find peace with the rain.


Lunar Eclipse.


So I watched the Lunar Eclipse on September 27th and thought I’d share with you a few of my thoughts. I thought it was pretty awesome. It wasn’t as red as I was expecting but I loved how the darkness slowly moved across the moon. It was also pretty cool how the moon would seem to keep disappearing, but then it would come back. I’m not a big astronomy buff, so maybe that’s why I think it’s so cool how all this occurs. I’m aware there is a reason for it, I just enjoy it for how I see it. I didn’t stay up late enough to watch the whole thing since I had classes the following day but what I saw I was impressed with.

Everyone was outside on the front lawn of my dorm room watching it all happen. Some people were impressed, others weren’t. Some people brought out pillows and blankets, some people were wearing hats, and some people came out for only a few minutes. Whatever people were doing, I loved how everyone came out to watch. It kind of reminded me of how we’re all a community. Plus, people from home or even all over were watching it too.

It’s weird to think that I will be 36 years old the next time I will see another eclipse like this one.

What are your thoughts? Did you watch it too?

I have a link below for those of you interested in the details of the eclipse(if any of the information isn’t correct, sorry. Like I said, I’m not a huge astronomy buff so I wouldn’t know the difference. Just being honest haha).


What are you proud of?

So I’ve been really into going to the gym the past few weeks. I have always wanted to live a very active lifestyle but always had trouble implementing that since it is sometimes hard to do that without getting down on yourself. Now with being in college I have a lot more access to different activities such as fitness classes, using the workout machines, intermural sports, the works. I can finally go and get myself to work out. I can already feel the difference in how I feel. I love working out for the enjoyment and for the pride I feel when I start to see differences not only physically but mentally.

I really didn’t feel like working out today. But I told my boyfriend to encourage me to go to the gym until I went. He told me to just go for a fifteen minute workout and that all I needed to do was get my muscles going. I went to the gym. I did the elliptical for fifteen minutes; and by that time I felt pretty darn good so I kept on going. I am so happy I ended up going to the gym today, it really made me feel so much better. I want to remember how happy I was that I did my work out anyways.

I used to do cross-country but I more enjoyed the people that participated and the trips, than the actual running part. However, I did take with me different skills that you need to carry in order to be active in a positive and healthy way. Some of these include stretching, having a carb night before a big workout or race, work up to a goal not just jump right to it, be positive, etc. The most important thing that I learned was to be active for fun and to be healthy. I may have loved the people on the team and the trips with my friends but it meant more to me to be able to actively be doing something for my well being than for the sake of winning(it was too much of a competitive environment for me).

Winning has never been a huge goal for me. Sure winning is great, but its more about the journey to get there and the fun. There’s nothing wrong with that even though some people don’t understand why I don’t like to compete. Well my reasons are (1) that I don’t like competitive environments and (2) I am just not someone who is competitive in competitions but am competitive in the sense that I strive for different goals based on what I would like to accomplish. Trust me though, I give props to those who can be competitive in everything they do.

This “belief” I have towards competing and athleticism has followed through from eighth grade until my freshman year of college. I am so unbelievably proud of how I learned what I want from working out, sports…or life. This is one of the things I am most proud of. You don’t have to be proud only about winning, but the little mile stones too. My ability to keep on plugging even if I want to stop, and the ability to know that I don’t have to compete is important for me. Knowing that difference makes all the difference to me.

What are you proud of?

My Fitness Essentials


Many people have essential things they like to have when they work out. By having my essentials, I am more motivated and more willing to work out.

Mine include:

  • a water bottle: I try to put Chia seeds in my water and drink it throughout the day, it helps to  keep me hydrated longer since the seeds absorb the water and sit in your stomach for a while.
  • my phone for music: Music helps to keep me motivated. Sometimes I even watch Netflix while working out. It helps pass the time.
  • headphones: Headphones help to not disturb other people in the gym, but if you’re outside or in the gym by yourself,  I would feel free to blare that music as loud as it can go.
  • deodorant: It’s pretty obvious as to why this is an essential so no, I’m not going to explain that to you.
  • hair tie: I find it distracting and annoying when my hair is in my face so I like to keep it in a bun. A bun is better for me than a ponytail because I don’t like how a ponytail sways while running or using the elliptical.
  • sneakers: I use Nike free run 4.0’s  for working out in the gym and Brooks running sneakers for running or working out outside. The Brooks sneakers provide more support and stability for running outdoors.
  • SHORTS (I despise working out in pants.): I usually wear spandex or spandex with shorts over them so that no matter what I’m doing, nothing is showing. Even if I plan on something like running, I may end up doing ab workout so I want to make sure everything is covered.

Some things that I do to make sure I work out that day, is by setting out my athletic clothes somewhere I will see them multiple times throughout the day so then I’m more likely to plan ahead and make time for it. I also like having a workout buddy(this has been especially utilized while I’ve been in college); my roommate and I go to the gym and different classes together. Usually at least one of us is hesitant to go to the gym that day, but the more motivated person usually encourages the other to come. I also joined a fitness club at my school where you get free training. I haven’t yet been trained but I am super excited to start!

These are just some of the things that I do, and maybe you’ll find something helpful. Even if none of these things work for you, you just have to find ways that makes working out 10x more exciting.

What are your fitness essentials and tips?

Organization? No problem.

I am an extremely organized person. I love shopping for stationary, such as different colored pens, sticky notes, etc. Odd I know, but I really do love it. Here is what is usually on my shopping list.

Colored sticky notes

I use colored sticky notes to put in my textbooks to take notes rather than underlining in the book. This makes for easy re-sell but still allows for the ability to take notes in my textbooks for studying.


White out

I love the white out tape opposed to the liquid white out. There is less of a mess and you don’t have to wait for it to dry. This helps when taking notes for when you make a mistake but need to fix it quickly. By having cleaner notes I feel like I can better read the notes and therefore study more easily from them.


Neon Highlighters

I use highlighters in the books I’m reading and write specifically why I am highlighting it in the margins of some books. The books I highlight are the ones I don’t plan on re-selling. So I write my thoughts in the margins which helps to reference back to the information for something like a paper.


SanDisk Gilder Flash drive

These are my all time favorite flash drives. I love how easily you can conceal the part that goes into the computer and how easy it is to hold. The flash drive is a good size and you can get a variety of space(GBs). They are just big enough to write what is on the flash drive on the back so that you don’t even have to plug it in to figure out what is on it.


Index Cards

I use regular index cards for any vocabulary I need to know. Sometimes I use different colored pens for each index card to…well I don’t really know why. Its more fun making them that way I guess. Except when I have a large quantity of index cards I use regular pen to move the process along. If I don’t have to write long definitions on the cards, I fold them in half and split them to save a tree.


Zebra Pens

A few years ago my brother bought me this brand of pen since he knew I liked stationary and things of that nature. After using it I instantly fell in love. I don’t use any other pen anymore. This pen writes thinly and neatly without leaving smudge marks or ink pooling. These are high quality pens for a reasonable price. Sure they aren’t two bucks like the big bulk pen packages, but they do the job much better.

IMG_8266 IMG_8267


I use different kinds of clips for different things. I use colored paper clips to help keep papers together. The colored paper clips don’t leave a mark on the paper once you take the paper clip off(metal paper clips tend to do this). Since I like everything very clean and neat, the colored paper clips work best for me. I also have a set of bird clips from Michael’s that I use to clip my smaller sets of index card together. They were cute so I just use them for whatever.



I had to leave the best for last. I need my planner to survive. I write down everything I do and everything I need to do inside it. I use color coded pens to differentiate what I’m writing. I use different colors for work shifts, school events, personal appointments, events, homework assignment due dates, etc. When buying a planner, I look for a big calendar for each month and following the calendar, spaces to write information for each date. I prefer the planners that go September to September but the one I have now happens to be  January to January Calendar.


I hope this helps!(:

She Believed She Could So She Did

I started to wear a bracelet that says “She believed she could so she did” on a metal plate attached to leather roping. I’m not sure where it was purchased, but my mom bought it and gave it to me saying I needed it.

With graduating high school, going to college and making new friends the bracelet has really kept me in reality.

My first week of college was good. I liked the classes and I liked the teachers. My roommate is awesome. I planned on joining clubs. Etc. Except I still felt pretty alone. There were all these people that seemed to already have friends but I was in my room watching Netflix. I went to events to meet people but it never seemed to stick. So I went against what the school advised, and I went home for the weekend. I planned on only going for a night and two days but I was sitting there Saturday morning wondering why the hell I was just sitting here when I could just come home a day early. So I went home within the hour.

According to the school, they don’t want students leaving so soon in the year. They wanted us to get used to it, except that’s not how I work. I ease into “big” events. I did it in Kindergarten, in 6th grade and now. I love to try new things but some of the more stressful things I need to ease into. By going home I was reminded that everything was the same and that my friends, family and boyfriend are always there no matter what. So if college didn’t work out, I had someone to lean on. That all in itself made me feel so much better. It gave me a sense of normalcy.

When I went back to school that Monday, I felt somewhat better. I wore the bracelet and would look at it whenever I needed that reassurance. So I went to some events with someone I knew, I went to the Club Expo and I started to go to the gym 6 days a week. I channeled my frustrations into the gym. So now I have an activity that gives me a sense of normalcy and calm.

You know what? I still don’t have solid friends yet besides my roommate. I know people from classes and I could definitely see some of them as my friends. I’m sure I’ll get to know them better in clubs and over the Semester. But knowing that I can always go home or give someone a call or to do something I love like the gym(or this blog), it makes it that much easier. Knowing I can do this, makes it so much easier. I can’t wait to see what else comes.

College is stressful. Believe that. You just have to find a way to make it more your own. Give yourself something to love about it. Then that strength will follow through to everything else you do. As long as you can believe everything will be okay and that everything will work out. You will be fine.

You can do this.