She Believed She Could So She Did

I started to wear a bracelet that says “She believed she could so she did” on a metal plate attached to leather roping. I’m not sure where it was purchased, but my mom bought it and gave it to me saying I needed it.

With graduating high school, going to college and making new friends the bracelet has really kept me in reality.

My first week of college was good. I liked the classes and I liked the teachers. My roommate is awesome. I planned on joining clubs. Etc. Except I still felt pretty alone. There were all these people that seemed to already have friends but I was in my room watching Netflix. I went to events to meet people but it never seemed to stick. So I went against what the school advised, and I went home for the weekend. I planned on only going for a night and two days but I was sitting there Saturday morning wondering why the hell I was just sitting here when I could just come home a day early. So I went home within the hour.

According to the school, they don’t want students leaving so soon in the year. They wanted us to get used to it, except that’s not how I work. I ease into “big” events. I did it in Kindergarten, in 6th grade and now. I love to try new things but some of the more stressful things I need to ease into. By going home I was reminded that everything was the same and that my friends, family and boyfriend are always there no matter what. So if college didn’t work out, I had someone to lean on. That all in itself made me feel so much better. It gave me a sense of normalcy.

When I went back to school that Monday, I felt somewhat better. I wore the bracelet and would look at it whenever I needed that reassurance. So I went to some events with someone I knew, I went to the Club Expo and I started to go to the gym 6 days a week. I channeled my frustrations into the gym. So now I have an activity that gives me a sense of normalcy and calm.

You know what? I still don’t have solid friends yet besides my roommate. I know people from classes and I could definitely see some of them as my friends. I’m sure I’ll get to know them better in clubs and over the Semester. But knowing that I can always go home or give someone a call or to do something I love like the gym(or this blog), it makes it that much easier. Knowing I can do this, makes it so much easier. I can’t wait to see what else comes.

College is stressful. Believe that. You just have to find a way to make it more your own. Give yourself something to love about it. Then that strength will follow through to everything else you do. As long as you can believe everything will be okay and that everything will work out. You will be fine.

You can do this.


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Okay... so something about me. I love dogs(who doesn't?). Oh, cats too. I love hearing people's stories. I love being organized. I love letting loose. I love Summer. I love the rain and house-shaking thunderstorms. I like when things match. I love to exercise and aim for a happier and healthier lifestyle. I am an art fanatic(speaking of which, I should work on a new post about art). I love my family. I love my friends. I love my boyfriend. I love the feeling of being free. I love DIYs. I could list so many more things, I love but there's the gist. Now for some structured writing...I am currently a college student who has always wanted to find a way to give someone a spark or the initiative to do something they have always wanted to do. With this blog I want to show you different crafts, show you different movies or television shows or give you some insight on what is going on with me. By doing this I hope that something that I post will inspire you to try something new or something that you've always wanted to try.

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