DIY “Boo” Letters

Alrighty, let’s get started! Here are the items you will need!


The letter “B” and two “O” letters. I would also recommend lying down some newspaper so that you don’t get everything all paint. If you read my last post, you can see my header photo for the post is the outlines of the letters from where I painted on the paper.


Any kind of paint brushes (if you want an easier clean up I would recommend sponge brushes).


Any kind of black paint will work but I bought acrylic since it is one of the more permanent paints. It dries quickly and you can also choose between a glossy or a matte finish. I chose a matte finish since it seemed to fit the whole Halloween theme a little better!


The letter “B” $1.97

The letter “O” $1.97

The letter “O” $1.97

Black paint     $0.97

The brush set $3.97


Total Cost: $10.85


  1. So this is a pretty self explanatory DIY. Lay all the letters down on the newspaper you layed out.
  2. Squirt some paint out on the first letter and coat the front and all the sides of the letter with the black paint, making sure there are no spots uncovered(I didn’t paint the back of them, but you could if you really wanted to!).
  3. Let the paint dry.
  4. Then you can hang them up or lean them on a surface for a cute and easy decoration!


Here is the finished product!

Other potential additions:

  • Once the black paint dries you could add small circles in glue and glitter or in a different colored paint.
  • You could paint each letter a different color.
  • You could add washi tape.
  • You could tie orange or purple ribbon onto the upper section of the letter “B.”
  • You could also do this for other holidays as well (with a different word of course).

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Okay... so something about me. I love dogs(who doesn't?). Oh, cats too. I love hearing people's stories. I love being organized. I love letting loose. I love Summer. I love the rain and house-shaking thunderstorms. I like when things match. I love to exercise and aim for a happier and healthier lifestyle. I am an art fanatic(speaking of which, I should work on a new post about art). I love my family. I love my friends. I love my boyfriend. I love the feeling of being free. I love DIYs. I could list so many more things, I love but there's the gist. Now for some structured writing...I am currently a college student who has always wanted to find a way to give someone a spark or the initiative to do something they have always wanted to do. With this blog I want to show you different crafts, show you different movies or television shows or give you some insight on what is going on with me. By doing this I hope that something that I post will inspire you to try something new or something that you've always wanted to try.

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