DIY Candy Corn Banner

Halloween DIY Round 2!

Here’s what you need:





Ribbon $1.00

Paper plates $2.14

Orange paint $0.97

Yellow paint $0.97

Invisible tape $0.97

Paint brushes $3.97


Total Cost $10.02


1. I painted the rim of the paper plate yellow and painted from the inner rim of the yellow to the middle of the plate orange. But when I painted the center I painted all but the very center of the plate orange. I found that if you want clean lines, you should use a small paint brush to keep the edges of each color clean. Then once you have the borders painted, you can use a bigger brush to cover more surface area. I would also recommend that when you’re painting the rim of the plate(the yellow part) you should paint from the center out, not circularly. The paint looks cleaner and doesn’t bubble or build up too much in one area.

The two plates towards the top of the photo are a part of the first step. The plate towards the bottom is the step after you paint the rim of the paper plate yellow.
This should be the end result. Once you’re done painting. It’s okay if the colors aren’t in perfect circles because you’ll be cutting the plate anyway.

2. First, cut the plate in half. Then cut the half of the plate into three pieces. Cutting the plate into six looks more like candy corn than if you cut the plate into four.

This is what the pieces looked like when the plate was cut into six. Personally, I prefer this option opposed to the option below.
This is what the pieces look like when the plate is cut into four.

3. Pick as many pieces as you need, it depends on how long you want your banner.

4. Cut your ribbon as long as you want your banner to be.

5. I laid my ribbon I cut flat and placed the triangles on it to arrange how far apart I would like them to be. I then found I needed 5 pieces.

6. I then taped (hot glue would work best but I didn’t have any) the candy corns onto the ribbon according to how I wanted them arranged.

Here is the finished product!(:

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