My New Plan

Recently I have been trying to get really organized, and I’m going to tell you all about what I’ve been doing and hopefully it will help you too!

My Planner

I have been writing down all my homework assignments into the daily slots. Then I take a sticky note and write down what needs to be done by that day. This really helps to see what my priorities are. Sometimes it is so hard to keep track of what actually needs to be done that day.

Workout Booklet

I printed these calendars (link: and write my workouts for each day. I was putting off the gym for a week or two because I was sick and then was slammed with homework and I always said I’d work out tomorrow so that I can get more homework done but that just starts a cycle where I never end up working out. So by having this calendar among other lists/calendars I am able to find time for all of my workouts.

Weekly Food Calendar

Okay, so I tried to plan all my meals for the week but that is so hard. So now, I wrote down guidelines of what I should eat every day in general. So right now I have “1. No vending machine food. 2. One cheat day a week. 3. Eat two fruits and veggies per day (which is harder than you think when you’re eating mostly from a dining hall).”

White Board Schedule

I have been writing my schedule for each day down on a free white board my college gave out. On the board, I write each hour that I am awake down the side. Then next to each time, I write the activity that needs to be done. Throughout the day, I cross out what I accomplish. This allows me to see what I’ve accomplished and keeps my priorities straight.

In addition to these bigger changes, I have also been finding one time every week to do laundry so that it is done and so that I can know that a washer is available at that time. By having one day set aside to get something done, you don’t have to stress all week about when you’ll find time to do it. Then, I pick one day (usually the same day as laundry day) to take all the sticky notes with notes on them and write all the notes down into my planner. This helps me to keep organized and it saves time since you sit down once and are in the swing of things. I may try to keep my schedules in both my planner and in my phone so that I always know what is going on no matter where I am, but the phone will never replace my planner. There is something calming about keeping everything in one place and writing it down.

I hope you found these random changes that I’ve made to my lifestyle helpful! What do you do to stay organized?


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  1. Jessica Lynn says:

    I always have to write things down and I swear I write everything down in my phone and in my planner…and sometimes sticky notes.

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    1. It really does help! I hate feeling like I’m forgetting something!

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