My Favorite Healthy Snacks and Meals

Here are my favorite healthy snacks!

  • Wild Riceworks Black Japonica Rice Crackers


  • Apples


  • Stir Fry
Stir fry with olives, carrots, amaranth, farro, rice, spinach, and broccoli.
  • Latte with no flavoring and no whip
I’m as happy as this little guy when I can drink my lattes!
  • Fruit Parfait
Fruit parfait with greek yogurt, pineapple, strawberries, honey and coconut shavings.
  • Gerber Puffs Cereal Snack in Strawberry Apple


  • Honey wheat bagel with peanut butter


  • String Cheese


Hopefully this post helped to inspire you to try a new food (maybe even one I posted above)!

What are your favorite foods lately?


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Okay... so something about me. I love dogs(who doesn't?). Oh, cats too. I love hearing people's stories. I love being organized. I love letting loose. I love Summer. I love the rain and house-shaking thunderstorms. I like when things match. I love to exercise and aim for a happier and healthier lifestyle. I am an art fanatic(speaking of which, I should work on a new post about art). I love my family. I love my friends. I love my boyfriend. I love the feeling of being free. I love DIYs. I could list so many more things, I love but there's the gist. Now for some structured writing...I am currently a college student who has always wanted to find a way to give someone a spark or the initiative to do something they have always wanted to do. With this blog I want to show you different crafts, show you different movies or television shows or give you some insight on what is going on with me. By doing this I hope that something that I post will inspire you to try something new or something that you've always wanted to try.

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