Ways to stay motivated to complete your list of resolutions in the New Year

Do you have trouble keeping up with your resolutions every year? Here are some ideas that may help!

  1. Create monthly  or daily goals goals. This way, your goals seem more within reach. It makes it seem as if you have less goals since you spread them out month by month or day by day.
  2. Post a list of your resolutions on a list somewhere you will see it every day. By seeing your resolutions every day you’ll remember you have things to accomplish!
  3. Don’t create unrealistic goals. If you do have a big goal, make smaller resolutions that will eventually lead up to the bigger goal. It will make you feel like you achieved more and will help to keep you on track since the tasks are smaller.
  4. Set reminders on your phone. By putting your resolutions in your reminders or on your calendar you will remember what you need to accomplish. You could set a reminder every few days or weeks so you are constantly reminded you have things you want to accomplish.
  5. Make fun resolutions. Who said resolutions had to be obnoxious to achieve? Often people put tasks that they’ve wanted to get done for years on their list of resolutions. If it hasn’t gotten done in the past, theres a good chance it won’t get done. Take it off your resolutions list and keep your resolutions list for things that you really can and want to achieve. The list of tasks will still be there. Just put the two lists somewhere you will see them. That way, you are more likely to achieve your resolutions like you want but still have that task on a list somewhere.
  6. Make a list with someone. If you live with someone who is making resolutions as well, combine your lists. That way the two of you can help to conquer each other’s goals and more efficiently complete the list.
  7. Limit yourself to only a few resolutions. That way you can more easily cross off everything on your list and not feel discouraged. If you complete the small list early, make another small list and keep making new lists as you complete the old ones.
  8. Use your children to complete resolutions. If your resolution list seems to be made up of different home improvement projects or chores and you have kids, give them a list they have to complete so it splits up the work load.

I hope that these suggestions are helpful! I absolutely love the idea of resolutions, it seems to be the one time of year when everyone is simultaneously inspired to complete something they have been wanting to do whether it be chores or for fun. All people need to stay on track is a little support and inspiration!

What ideas do you have for staying on track with your resolutions throughout the whole year?



End of December Resolutions

Why only do resolutions for the new year? I decided I am going to make a list of achievable (achievable is key in order to stay on track and not get discouraged) goals to complete. These include:

  1. Complete job application.
  2. Tidy up and organize my room.
  3. Register to vote.
  4. Finish my boyfriend’s Christmas present.
  5. Send photos to my aunt.
  6. Get all my pictures on one flash drive before my computer dies for good.

I just thought I’d share with you some of my short term goals. Set some achievable goals to finish by the end of December, it’ll get you ready for the goals you’d like to achieve for the New Year! I will be sure to post my New Years Resolutions soon!

What are some of your resolutions (New Years or otherwise)?


December 26, 2015

As of right now I have completed #5.

Living vs. Existing

Have you ever felt like time is passing but nothing seems to feel right or make you happy? Have you ever not felt like doing anything because you felt like nothing could be changed and it was just how life went?

Well if you have been feeling this way because of something, you may feel like you are simply existing and not actually living your life. Sure, we are all technically alive but alive and living are very different. You can be alive and exist at the same time or you can be alive and living at the same time. To me at least, the two are very different.

If you feel like you aren’t living your life the way you want to live it, then change it. Something may seem like it can’t be changed but in all reality, almost anything can be changed. And if it can’t, then your outlook on it can change.

For me, that is how it has been in school. I find education valuable. But when I am not in class or doing work or blogging, I am watching Netflix or just filling time. College has been kind of iffy for me since the start. But last Sunday I decided that I have had enough. I was going to change the problem.

Today, I went to an office to change the residence hall I am currently in. That was a start. Things weren’t working out in the dorm I am currently in so why not try another dorm? That would give me the opportunity to meet new people and maybe have things turn out better than they have in my current residence hall.

I am also going to start working again. This would force me to get some time out and about, other than in my residence hall on campus. That would give me another opportunity to meet people and maybe change how things are going.

The minute I started to put ideas into play, I felt this sense of relief. Let me tell you: that sense of relief made me feel like something may actually work out when it comes to getting out more and meeting new people. I am so excited for what is to come and for the positive changes that I will make happen. I want anyone who has been feeling like they are simply letting time pass to feel the sense of relief  and for them to know that they will begin to truly live their life again if they change the situation they’re in.

It may feel like things can’t change, but they can. You can change it. You can do it. Don’t settle for anything less than what you feel that you need or deserve.

Cellphones at Dinner?

I went on a date with my boyfriend to the Cheesecake Factory. It was so much fun and I loved being able to spend time with him. We talked; enjoying our time and food.

The couple that was sitting at the next table over was about to leave, when the woman stopped and looked at us. Then she said “Are you two on a date?” and my boyfriend responded with “Yes.” The woman then continued and said she loved how we weren’t glued to our phones and spent time together.

I was a little surprised by this because I found it normal to put phones away (unless taking pictures) while spending time with someone. When you see people in public, you often see them with a phone in their hand. Disconnecting is actually a very freeing idea.

Cabelas has a disconnect campaign. The video previously linked really gets the idea across. If you watch it, make sure you watch the whole thing. You don’t have to go camping to disconnect. Do a craft. Read. Play a board game. You never know what you may be missing when looking at your phone.

Do you think people should put their phones away when spending time with someone? How often do you disconnect?

Motivation Board


Needing a little motivation? Create a motivation board/vision board! A motivation board is board that includes items that inspire you in general and a vision board is almost the same thing except you can use it more as a plan for what you want to accomplish. All you need is to cut out words or pictures of things that inspire you or of goals you would like to accomplish. You can find these in magazines, online, the newspaper, etc.

For my board, I used it as a motivation board. It’s intention is to help remind me of what is important and what I should keep in mind. Some additional things you could add to your board are frames, stickers, photographs of you or from different events, etc. You could also theme your board around where you would like to travel, fitness, motivation, things that make you happy, a five year plan or you could even have students in your class (if you’re a teacher) make a board for their goals for the school year and have them make one at the end of the year and see how they changed, or you could make one to use as holiday decor. Now that you have some ideas…

Get cutting and gluing! 


Tips on finding that unique gift!

Still having trouble finding that perfect gift? Here’s some ideas to get you inspired on where to find unique gifts!

Places to find unique gifts:

Craft fairs are great for finding unique gifts! You can find a wide range of different gifts that are for the most part one of a kind and not a cookie cutter store gift! Just go on google and search “craft fairs in ______,” usually there are quite a few craft fairs within many areas.

Make your own! Pinterest has a wide variety of ideas for anyone!

Antique shops are either hit or miss, but you never know that hit may be the perfect gift for the person you have in mind.

Boutiques in smaller towns are great for different gift ideas. Especially the boutiques where local vendors sell their products! You never know what you’ll find!

Etsy is a great place to find gifts at a wide range of prices!

I hope this helps get you guys started! Where do you usually find those perfect gifts?



DIY Christmas Banners

Banner #1: Triangle Banner


  • scrapbook paper (I used 12inX12in paper)
  • twine or ribbon (whatever you prefer)
  • scotch tape or hot glue (I used tape)
  • black sharpie
  • a pencil
  • a ruler (or if you have awesome mental measuring skills or are confident in your abilities, then you don’t need one)
  • scissors


  1. Use a ruler to draw a line down the center of the paper.
  2. Now make sure the paper is horizontal and draw two notches that are 4 inches apart all down the paper. Then create a solid line.
  3. You should now have 6 uniform rectangles. Do this to 2-3 different pages depending on how many letters you will be using. IMG_9935 (1)
  4. Once you have your rectangle, lay your rectangle like it is shown below and at the bottom, draw a notch that is at the center of the edge of the paper. IMG_9936
  5. Now draw two diagonal lines from that center notch to the upper corners of the rectangle.IMG_9937 (1) Then, cut along those lines. IMG_9941
  6. You should now have a bunch of uniform triangles. IMG_9940
  7. Now lay your triangles with the point facing down.
  8. Measure about a half an inch from the top and create a notch.IMG_9947Then draw a horizontal line where you made the notch. IMG_9943 (1)
  9. Fold along the horizontal line.Once you fold you will have a triangle that is folded which creates some excess paper where the fold was made.IMG_9948 (1) Cut off this access paper to make it a “clean” looking triangle (See triangle in step 11).
  10. Count out your triangles to make sure you have enough for your saying and write your saying on with sharpie. I recommend leaving a blank triangle in between the words where a space would normally be so that it is easier to read.
  11. Cut your string as long as you need it and begin laying the triangles down face down putting the string under the folded tab.
  12. Once you have them all laid out to your liking, tape or hot glue the back so that they hang on the string. Before taping or gluing, make sure you have your letters in the right order!
  13. Ta-Dah! You now have your own banner! I made mine Christmas themed since it’s the holiday I celebrate, but feel free to change the saying to whatever you choose.



Banner #2: Lightbulb Banner

You will need the same supplies that you used for the first banner.


  1. Cut out equal sized squares to make cutting easier. The size doesn’t matter; you can make them as large or small as you want.
  2. I then traced and cut out a shape that looks like a string lights.
  3. Then I colored in the rectangle with a sharpie and added the curly-q for the filament in the light bulb.
  4. I then put all my lightbulbs face down and taped the twine to the back.
  5. All done!



Things to learn from my mistakes!

  • I didn’t end up having enough red triangles for my Merry Christmas banner (I used two full sheets of the scrapbook paper) so I used a different colored paper and made christmas trees to put on the ends and in between the words “merry” and “christmas” to fix my lack of red triangles. Now that I’m looking at my banner I wish I put the middle tree in the exact middle of the banner instead of the middle of the words…but I’m not sure if that would be any better! haha
  • For my lightbulb banner, I taped the paper onto the twine which makes me a little concerned that it won’t last until next year (I know its only paper and I can make more, but I’m aiming to keep these in tip-top condition to reuse them!)
  • You can make banners like these for any time of the year! You could use any occasion, saying or colors! Leave it up to your imagination! I may actually end up keeping my lightbulb banner up all year round since the colors match my dorm room and it seems summery and christmassy all at the same time!