10 Nifty Gifts for Fitness Nuts

I am getting a head start on looking for gifts for my family and friends for Christmas. I came across a few gifts that would be great for fitness lovers and I thought I would share them with you! Sorry, they are mostly (not all) geared towards girls since I’m a girl and have no clue what a dude would want fitness-wise. 

1. Exercise Cards

These exercise cards seem very useful and a good investment. However, you could also make your own using index cards(which I have done and it works great). I also put different exercises on large popsicle sticks and put them in a container and I pick out 10-15 to create a workout. The DIY version works if you’re looking for these cards for yourself but if you’re looking to find a gift for someone else, I would recommend buying the cards.


2. Wrist Wallet

I may invest in one of these! It looks comfortable and like a good quality material and is just the right size to hold keys. This would be awesome for running outside without having to worry about losing your keys.


3. The Fitness Book

Initially, I wanted to invest in this book but as I researched it a bit I decided I am just going to make my own (get ready for a DIY and maybe a printable version!). This particular book only contains space for recording your fitness goals for 12 weeks. If you are looking to fulfill a short term goal, this would be great. However, I would like a book for longer term use so I may as well make one myself!


4. Safety Kit

This kit is intended to help women get ready to go out in a rush or last minute but I think it would be well suited for after the gym. If you’re squeezing in a workout before having to go somewhere, this would work well to get ready fast!


5. Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Processor

This is really cool for those fitness nuts who have a soft spot for ice cream but want to stay on track. This seems pretty legit and seems like it would be really good especially if you mix different fruits.


6. Matching Tank Tops

I’ve always wanted to workout with my boyfriend especially in matching tank tops. This would be perfect for someone who’s workout buddy is there significant other/friend.


7. Obama Can’t Ban These Guns Tank Top

This tank top obviously isn’t for everyone but this is a pretty funny shirt for those who have a stance such as this one politically.


8. Pink Nike Gym Bag

I currently own this bag similar to this one(the one I currently own is no longer being sold). I have had it for probably around 6 years and I absolutely love it. It’s great for travel and for sports. Mine is the medium size and has worked perfectly in holding my cheerleading and track and field gear.

When this bag was initially purchased, it also came with a warranty from Dicks Sporting Goods (I am not entirely sure if we had to pay for it or not) but if the bag ever breaks I can get a new one for free for life.


9. Fitbit

A Fitbit wouldn’t work for my needs since I tend to workout in an indoor gym, but for people who love to compete with others and for those people that workout outside this would be great. With this Fitbit you can track your heart rate, steps, how well you slept, etc. If the owner of the Fitbit knows more people with a fitbit as well, they can compete in daily, weekly or weekend challenges to see who can get the most steps in in the allotted time. This particular fit bit has a better band. The people I know who have owned both types of bands, prefer this one.


10. Medicine Ball

I absolutely love my Gold’s Gym 8lb medicine ball. I prefer it over weights. It is great to go push ups on and it shakes up your average bicep curl into a more fun and active workout. It is especially great for partner workouts. The link below is the same color but seems to have a different texture than the one I currently own. I believe it is about the same thing.





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