DIY Christmas Banners

Banner #1: Triangle Banner


  • scrapbook paper (I used 12inX12in paper)
  • twine or ribbon (whatever you prefer)
  • scotch tape or hot glue (I used tape)
  • black sharpie
  • a pencil
  • a ruler (or if you have awesome mental measuring skills or are confident in your abilities, then you don’t need one)
  • scissors


  1. Use a ruler to draw a line down the center of the paper.
  2. Now make sure the paper is horizontal and draw two notches that are 4 inches apart all down the paper. Then create a solid line.
  3. You should now have 6 uniform rectangles. Do this to 2-3 different pages depending on how many letters you will be using. IMG_9935 (1)
  4. Once you have your rectangle, lay your rectangle like it is shown below and at the bottom, draw a notch that is at the center of the edge of the paper. IMG_9936
  5. Now draw two diagonal lines from that center notch to the upper corners of the rectangle.IMG_9937 (1) Then, cut along those lines. IMG_9941
  6. You should now have a bunch of uniform triangles. IMG_9940
  7. Now lay your triangles with the point facing down.
  8. Measure about a half an inch from the top and create a notch.IMG_9947Then draw a horizontal line where you made the notch. IMG_9943 (1)
  9. Fold along the horizontal line.Once you fold you will have a triangle that is folded which creates some excess paper where the fold was made.IMG_9948 (1) Cut off this access paper to make it a “clean” looking triangle (See triangle in step 11).
  10. Count out your triangles to make sure you have enough for your saying and write your saying on with sharpie. I recommend leaving a blank triangle in between the words where a space would normally be so that it is easier to read.
  11. Cut your string as long as you need it and begin laying the triangles down face down putting the string under the folded tab.
  12. Once you have them all laid out to your liking, tape or hot glue the back so that they hang on the string. Before taping or gluing, make sure you have your letters in the right order!
  13. Ta-Dah! You now have your own banner! I made mine Christmas themed since it’s the holiday I celebrate, but feel free to change the saying to whatever you choose.



Banner #2: Lightbulb Banner

You will need the same supplies that you used for the first banner.


  1. Cut out equal sized squares to make cutting easier. The size doesn’t matter; you can make them as large or small as you want.
  2. I then traced and cut out a shape that looks like a string lights.
  3. Then I colored in the rectangle with a sharpie and added the curly-q for the filament in the light bulb.
  4. I then put all my lightbulbs face down and taped the twine to the back.
  5. All done!



Things to learn from my mistakes!

  • I didn’t end up having enough red triangles for my Merry Christmas banner (I used two full sheets of the scrapbook paper) so I used a different colored paper and made christmas trees to put on the ends and in between the words “merry” and “christmas” to fix my lack of red triangles. Now that I’m looking at my banner I wish I put the middle tree in the exact middle of the banner instead of the middle of the words…but I’m not sure if that would be any better! haha
  • For my lightbulb banner, I taped the paper onto the twine which makes me a little concerned that it won’t last until next year (I know its only paper and I can make more, but I’m aiming to keep these in tip-top condition to reuse them!)
  • You can make banners like these for any time of the year! You could use any occasion, saying or colors! Leave it up to your imagination! I may actually end up keeping my lightbulb banner up all year round since the colors match my dorm room and it seems summery and christmassy all at the same time!



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