Tips on finding that unique gift!

Still having trouble finding that perfect gift? Here’s some ideas to get you inspired on where to find unique gifts!

Places to find unique gifts:

Craft fairs are great for finding unique gifts! You can find a wide range of different gifts that are for the most part one of a kind and not a cookie cutter store gift! Just go on google and search “craft fairs in ______,” usually there are quite a few craft fairs within many areas.

Make your own! Pinterest has a wide variety of ideas for anyone!

Antique shops are either hit or miss, but you never know that hit may be the perfect gift for the person you have in mind.

Boutiques in smaller towns are great for different gift ideas. Especially the boutiques where local vendors sell their products! You never know what you’ll find!

Etsy is a great place to find gifts at a wide range of prices!

I hope this helps get you guys started! Where do you usually find those perfect gifts?




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