The Bucket List Journal: Edition 1



Alrighty! I am so excited to make this into a series of posts to try and help you prioritize what you find to be important in life. I will share with you some of my answers but not all. Some of them are just for myself but I will gladly share a few with you to get you going!

Major Accomplishments I’ve Achieved:

  1. Nationals for cheerleading.
  2. Getting into a competitive medical program my senior year of high school.
  3. Receiving the Outstanding Field Athlete award.
  4. Graduating high school.
  5. Getting accepted into every school I applied to.

What’s missing:

  1. Getting my Bachelor’s degree.
  2. Hiking all the peaks of the mountain range in my area.
  3. Rescuing a dog from a shelter.
  4. Get my own apartment.
  5. Writing a book.
  6. Traveling

I don’t quite have everything planned out but that’s the whole point of this journal is to figure that out along the way! The posts may not seem that detailed when looked at on their own, but as you keep making entries in the journal everything should come together. These posts will be under the “My Thoughts” category on my blog.

What have you accomplished? What’s missing?



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