Vroman’s Nose Hike 3/11/2016

Hey everyone!

There is an area in upstate New York in a small town that this mountain resides in. Vroman’s Nose is a relatively well known mountain within New York State so my friend and I planned to check it out.

We stopped at a house that had information on the hike and this wonderful woman came out to answer any and all questions we had. I’m pretty sure she does the flyers and answers questions out of her enjoyment and love of hiking. I love that. Everyone should live their life that way, using their passion to help others and fuel other people’s aspirations.

The hike was absolutely beautiful! This is a very family friendly hike. However there aren’t any railings on the ledges. The hike was relatively short and somewhat difficult.

The view is absolutely amazing. You can see a multitude of mountains, fields and farm houses. My friend and I watched, from the peak, a farmer check out his fields. We could see the stream that runs below and the town far off in the distance.

It was a great day for a hike! Get ready for Spring hiking!


Thanks for coming on this hike with me! I hope you enjoyed and are tying up your hiking shoes to go on a hike as you read!

What is your favorite view to have when you reach the top of a peak?



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