Leave a book, take a book.

A few weeks ago I brought my brother to a physical therapy appointment. As we sat down, I noticed a book shelf in the corner that said “Leave a book, take a book.” I loved how simple this was, yet how much “the book switch” isn’t done anymore.

By writing “Leave a book, take a book,” you are encouraging reading. You are encouraging people to try a new book. You are encouraging bringing back paper books. I know in waiting rooms people usually use something to occupy themselves…but lately it seems like all people use to entertain themselves is their phones.

Encourage reading books. It is not a lost art. 

You can make a difference. Using something just as simple as a book case and a note can make a change.



Where I’ve been and finding myself…

Hey guys,

So the past few months I have been doing some “searching.” I have had a lot of trouble figuring out who I was with and without friends, in addition to life throwing me for a bit of a loop otherwise.

I felt like I didn’t know who I was without the friends that I’ve always had. Don’t get me wrong… I love them. But this summer I have noticed our new differences. I have learned to accept these differences. I have learned that you can have multiple friends with multiple interests. I’ve learned that new friends can be made.

I also wanted to find who I was again between the transition from college back to home. I feel like a different person in those two places. I was trying to find a happy medium.

In March, my uncle passed away suddenly. I had a lot of trouble finding acceptance for that. I know there is a reason and I know that it was his time. However, this doesn’t mean I’m completely okay with it. He showed up on my TimeHop today. Wow I wasn’t expecting that. But it was a nice surprise.

I guess I came on here to write again. I’ve been doing a lot of personal journal writing lately instead of blogging. I journal with my more personal feelings and events. Now that life has settled down a little, I now feel ready to be back and to try to inspire others as much as I can.

I’m thinking about doing a bit of a re-launch of my blog. But I haven’t entirely decided yet. I’d like to base it off of more acts of kindness, being outdoors and finding yourself. I guess that’s what I’ve been doing all along…but I have a different idea of what I want this to be.

I was talking with my coworker today about how we feel that there is something bigger for us out there. How we aren’t meant to be average. You may think this sounds like we are full of ourselves…and I guess you could say we are in a way. But why shouldn’t you think there is a way for you to make the biggest difference possible? Why shouldn’t you have high expectations for yourself? You deserve that much.

So this was basically a small recap of why I haven’t been blogging. But I’ll be back. Ready to inspire the next person who walks through the blogging door.