What is Netiquette?

Hey guys!

Todays post is going to be a little more informational than usual, but I recently discovered this new outlet to create projects on. Padlet.com is a great place to create interactive and informational projects that display different ideas.

As you can see below there are videos, notes and pictures that you can view. You also have the ability to be able to move your curser up/down or right/left.

I will definitely be using this program throughout my teaching career for both personal and classroom use. I may even include this in a lesson plan to allow my students to create their own informational board.

Below, you can see my quick explanation of the project and the actual padlet which is embedded into this post.

Working with my partner, Dariel Santana, we created a Padlet that discusses the topic of Netiquette, which is online etiquette and legal issues. This project contains different information, examples, videos and pictures of Netiquette and different legal issues. There are also two lesson plans provided in this Padlet that can be used in the classroom. 

Check out our Padlet below!

Made with Padlet

Really and truly create one. You won’t regret it. It is an irreplaceable resource.



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