Tips on finding that unique gift!

Still having trouble finding that perfect gift? Here’s some ideas to get you inspired on where to find unique gifts!

Places to find unique gifts:

Craft fairs are great for finding unique gifts! You can find a wide range of different gifts that are for the most part one of a kind and not a cookie cutter store gift! Just go on google and search “craft fairs in ______,” usually there are quite a few craft fairs within many areas.

Make your own! Pinterest has a wide variety of ideas for anyone!

Antique shops are either hit or miss, but you never know that hit may be the perfect gift for the person you have in mind.

Boutiques in smaller towns are great for different gift ideas. Especially the boutiques where local vendors sell their products! You never know what you’ll find!

Etsy is a great place to find gifts at a wide range of prices!

I hope this helps get you guys started! Where do you usually find those perfect gifts?




DIY Christmas Banners

Banner #1: Triangle Banner


  • scrapbook paper (I used 12inX12in paper)
  • twine or ribbon (whatever you prefer)
  • scotch tape or hot glue (I used tape)
  • black sharpie
  • a pencil
  • a ruler (or if you have awesome mental measuring skills or are confident in your abilities, then you don’t need one)
  • scissors


  1. Use a ruler to draw a line down the center of the paper.
  2. Now make sure the paper is horizontal and draw two notches that are 4 inches apart all down the paper. Then create a solid line.
  3. You should now have 6 uniform rectangles. Do this to 2-3 different pages depending on how many letters you will be using. IMG_9935 (1)
  4. Once you have your rectangle, lay your rectangle like it is shown below and at the bottom, draw a notch that is at the center of the edge of the paper. IMG_9936
  5. Now draw two diagonal lines from that center notch to the upper corners of the rectangle.IMG_9937 (1) Then, cut along those lines. IMG_9941
  6. You should now have a bunch of uniform triangles. IMG_9940
  7. Now lay your triangles with the point facing down.
  8. Measure about a half an inch from the top and create a notch.IMG_9947Then draw a horizontal line where you made the notch. IMG_9943 (1)
  9. Fold along the horizontal line.Once you fold you will have a triangle that is folded which creates some excess paper where the fold was made.IMG_9948 (1) Cut off this access paper to make it a “clean” looking triangle (See triangle in step 11).
  10. Count out your triangles to make sure you have enough for your saying and write your saying on with sharpie. I recommend leaving a blank triangle in between the words where a space would normally be so that it is easier to read.
  11. Cut your string as long as you need it and begin laying the triangles down face down putting the string under the folded tab.
  12. Once you have them all laid out to your liking, tape or hot glue the back so that they hang on the string. Before taping or gluing, make sure you have your letters in the right order!
  13. Ta-Dah! You now have your own banner! I made mine Christmas themed since it’s the holiday I celebrate, but feel free to change the saying to whatever you choose.



Banner #2: Lightbulb Banner

You will need the same supplies that you used for the first banner.


  1. Cut out equal sized squares to make cutting easier. The size doesn’t matter; you can make them as large or small as you want.
  2. I then traced and cut out a shape that looks like a string lights.
  3. Then I colored in the rectangle with a sharpie and added the curly-q for the filament in the light bulb.
  4. I then put all my lightbulbs face down and taped the twine to the back.
  5. All done!



Things to learn from my mistakes!

  • I didn’t end up having enough red triangles for my Merry Christmas banner (I used two full sheets of the scrapbook paper) so I used a different colored paper and made christmas trees to put on the ends and in between the words “merry” and “christmas” to fix my lack of red triangles. Now that I’m looking at my banner I wish I put the middle tree in the exact middle of the banner instead of the middle of the words…but I’m not sure if that would be any better! haha
  • For my lightbulb banner, I taped the paper onto the twine which makes me a little concerned that it won’t last until next year (I know its only paper and I can make more, but I’m aiming to keep these in tip-top condition to reuse them!)
  • You can make banners like these for any time of the year! You could use any occasion, saying or colors! Leave it up to your imagination! I may actually end up keeping my lightbulb banner up all year round since the colors match my dorm room and it seems summery and christmassy all at the same time!


10 Nifty Gifts for Fitness Nuts

I am getting a head start on looking for gifts for my family and friends for Christmas. I came across a few gifts that would be great for fitness lovers and I thought I would share them with you! Sorry, they are mostly (not all) geared towards girls since I’m a girl and have no clue what a dude would want fitness-wise. 

1. Exercise Cards

These exercise cards seem very useful and a good investment. However, you could also make your own using index cards(which I have done and it works great). I also put different exercises on large popsicle sticks and put them in a container and I pick out 10-15 to create a workout. The DIY version works if you’re looking for these cards for yourself but if you’re looking to find a gift for someone else, I would recommend buying the cards.

2. Wrist Wallet

I may invest in one of these! It looks comfortable and like a good quality material and is just the right size to hold keys. This would be awesome for running outside without having to worry about losing your keys.

3. The Fitness Book

Initially, I wanted to invest in this book but as I researched it a bit I decided I am just going to make my own (get ready for a DIY and maybe a printable version!). This particular book only contains space for recording your fitness goals for 12 weeks. If you are looking to fulfill a short term goal, this would be great. However, I would like a book for longer term use so I may as well make one myself!

4. Safety Kit

This kit is intended to help women get ready to go out in a rush or last minute but I think it would be well suited for after the gym. If you’re squeezing in a workout before having to go somewhere, this would work well to get ready fast!

5. Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Processor

This is really cool for those fitness nuts who have a soft spot for ice cream but want to stay on track. This seems pretty legit and seems like it would be really good especially if you mix different fruits.

6. Matching Tank Tops

I’ve always wanted to workout with my boyfriend especially in matching tank tops. This would be perfect for someone who’s workout buddy is there significant other/friend.

7. Obama Can’t Ban These Guns Tank Top

This tank top obviously isn’t for everyone but this is a pretty funny shirt for those who have a stance such as this one politically.

8. Pink Nike Gym Bag

I currently own this bag similar to this one(the one I currently own is no longer being sold). I have had it for probably around 6 years and I absolutely love it. It’s great for travel and for sports. Mine is the medium size and has worked perfectly in holding my cheerleading and track and field gear.

When this bag was initially purchased, it also came with a warranty from Dicks Sporting Goods (I am not entirely sure if we had to pay for it or not) but if the bag ever breaks I can get a new one for free for life.

9. Fitbit

A Fitbit wouldn’t work for my needs since I tend to workout in an indoor gym, but for people who love to compete with others and for those people that workout outside this would be great. With this Fitbit you can track your heart rate, steps, how well you slept, etc. If the owner of the Fitbit knows more people with a fitbit as well, they can compete in daily, weekly or weekend challenges to see who can get the most steps in in the allotted time. This particular fit bit has a better band. The people I know who have owned both types of bands, prefer this one.

10. Medicine Ball

I absolutely love my Gold’s Gym 8lb medicine ball. I prefer it over weights. It is great to go push ups on and it shakes up your average bicep curl into a more fun and active workout. It is especially great for partner workouts. The link below is the same color but seems to have a different texture than the one I currently own. I believe it is about the same thing.



DIY Candy Corn Banner

Halloween DIY Round 2!

Here’s what you need:





Ribbon $1.00

Paper plates $2.14

Orange paint $0.97

Yellow paint $0.97

Invisible tape $0.97

Paint brushes $3.97


Total Cost $10.02


1. I painted the rim of the paper plate yellow and painted from the inner rim of the yellow to the middle of the plate orange. But when I painted the center I painted all but the very center of the plate orange. I found that if you want clean lines, you should use a small paint brush to keep the edges of each color clean. Then once you have the borders painted, you can use a bigger brush to cover more surface area. I would also recommend that when you’re painting the rim of the plate(the yellow part) you should paint from the center out, not circularly. The paint looks cleaner and doesn’t bubble or build up too much in one area.

The two plates towards the top of the photo are a part of the first step. The plate towards the bottom is the step after you paint the rim of the paper plate yellow.
This should be the end result. Once you’re done painting. It’s okay if the colors aren’t in perfect circles because you’ll be cutting the plate anyway.

2. First, cut the plate in half. Then cut the half of the plate into three pieces. Cutting the plate into six looks more like candy corn than if you cut the plate into four.

This is what the pieces looked like when the plate was cut into six. Personally, I prefer this option opposed to the option below.
This is what the pieces look like when the plate is cut into four.

3. Pick as many pieces as you need, it depends on how long you want your banner.

4. Cut your ribbon as long as you want your banner to be.

5. I laid my ribbon I cut flat and placed the triangles on it to arrange how far apart I would like them to be. I then found I needed 5 pieces.

6. I then taped (hot glue would work best but I didn’t have any) the candy corns onto the ribbon according to how I wanted them arranged.

Here is the finished product!(:

DIY “Boo” Letters

Alrighty, let’s get started! Here are the items you will need!


The letter “B” and two “O” letters. I would also recommend lying down some newspaper so that you don’t get everything all paint. If you read my last post, you can see my header photo for the post is the outlines of the letters from where I painted on the paper.


Any kind of paint brushes (if you want an easier clean up I would recommend sponge brushes).


Any kind of black paint will work but I bought acrylic since it is one of the more permanent paints. It dries quickly and you can also choose between a glossy or a matte finish. I chose a matte finish since it seemed to fit the whole Halloween theme a little better!


The letter “B” $1.97

The letter “O” $1.97

The letter “O” $1.97

Black paint     $0.97

The brush set $3.97


Total Cost: $10.85


  1. So this is a pretty self explanatory DIY. Lay all the letters down on the newspaper you layed out.
  2. Squirt some paint out on the first letter and coat the front and all the sides of the letter with the black paint, making sure there are no spots uncovered(I didn’t paint the back of them, but you could if you really wanted to!).
  3. Let the paint dry.
  4. Then you can hang them up or lean them on a surface for a cute and easy decoration!


Here is the finished product!

Other potential additions:

  • Once the black paint dries you could add small circles in glue and glitter or in a different colored paint.
  • You could paint each letter a different color.
  • You could add washi tape.
  • You could tie orange or purple ribbon onto the upper section of the letter “B.”
  • You could also do this for other holidays as well (with a different word of course).

Halloween Haul!

PicMonkey Collage

Hey guys! The more you read my blog, the more you’ll learn about me. One new fact for the day is that I absolutely love Halloween and craft isles. As you may have guessed, I went into the Halloween and craft isles today at Walmart.

Here’s some of the things I bought(:












Yes some of these items don’t seem like they would be Halloween related, but GET READY FOR SOME DIYS AND DECORATING IDEAS!!! How excited are you? I hope pretty excited! I know I am!!!