New Semester RA Bulletin Boards

Here are my bulletin boards for Fall 2016! I had a lot of fun making them. I hope they help all you teachers/RAs out there to get some ideas.


For my “Get to Know Your RA” board, I used multiple materials. I used yellow backing paper and blue construction paper for the letters and informational papers. I cut out my letters using an Ellison machine (which should be provided by your school). I drew out the elephant by hand by using a picture online as reference. I also printed the pictures on computer paper. The boarder is made from streamers. I stapled about every inch or so to give the boarder the rippled effect.

I originally got the idea for a “Get to Know Your RA” board from Pinterest. I added my own twist by adding the elephant (which matches my door tags). The elephant ties in with the board because it is listed as one of the things I love. However, I didn’t want the point of the board to be all about me. For that reason, I added the questions in the lower right hand corner. I want my residents to know that I’m interested in them and their interests. I want to show that I am someone they can talk to. As an RA or as a friend.


This year, my RA staff task is Health and Wellness Coordinator. My “HIIT or Miss” board is to satisfy that requirement. Originally the idea was to have a board all about HIIT workouts, but the board ended up being much larger than I thought. I ended up explaining what a HIIT workout is and how it’s beneficial. Then I talked about how alcohol can affect your workout (this results in the potential “miss”). I also advertised our building’s Pinterest in addition to adding a “Make your own HIIT workout.”

I hope seeing my bulletin boards helped you to get some inspiration for any bulletin boards you have to make! You can make a difference through your boards. It’s your first impression most likely. Remember that.



My Last Bulletin Boards for the Semester!

IMG_2525 2I had so much fun making this bulletin board. Here’s what I did:

  • I cut out red, orange, yellow and pink strips of paper to put on top of the light blue paper to create a sunset. These strips were usually wavy and came to a point at the end.
  • I used an Ellison machine to cut out the dark blue waves and brown boarders.
  • I cut out the boat from construction paper.
  • Then, I used metallic markers and a light blue pen to add detail to the boat.
  • The green sticky notes all say different things that someone could be doing between now and summer, and people can move tacks to whatever option applies to them.

When it was only the random strips of paper, I wasn’t so sure if it was going to work out. I kept working and it turned out pretty awesome. I’m really proud of this board.

IMG_2625I thought this board would be funny. If you have seen “We are the Millers” you’ll understand the reference. This board was basically to show that you should be careful of what you say on the internet and that your words can never truly be deleted.

I’m finally to the point where I make up my bulletin boards completely on my own. Before, I would use inspiration from others and then add my own touches. I’m so happy I came up with these ideas without an inspiration!

If your an RA, what is your favorite board you’ve ever made?

Moo-ving into March


Here is my RA board for March! I thought I would post the tips that are on it to this post so it can help you too! For those of you who are in college (or maybe not)…

We’re just about half-way through the semester. You’re probably beginning to feel that mid-semester slump. Here are some ways to fight it!

  1. Make a scheduled time to go to the library. If you have a scheduled time, you are more likely to fit homework time into your schedule! You could also get a homework buddy. That way you won’t blow the homework off because you don’t want to blow off your friend!
  2. Take some time for yourself. You live where you go to school so sometimes it can be hard to escape homework and school responsibilities. Go hiking, go to a poetry slam, take a trip home, go for a run, etc.
  3. SLEEP, SLEEP, SLEEP! By getting more sleep you will be more motivated during the day to get things done.
  4. Reward yourself. Work in intervals. Do a half hour of work and do fifteen minutes of something you enjoy.
  5. Make a calendar that counts down the days until Spring Break. You may feel more motivated just by knowing Spring Break is so close! After Spring Break you can be more motivated knowing you just had a well deserved break and that before you know it, the semester will be over!
  6. Work out! Working out will released endorphins and give you more energy.

How do you fight the mid-semester slump?

Late to Class

Well, I’m not much of a morning person but I try to be. I was going to wake up at 8:20am to start my day before class but ended up sleeping until 9:15am. Keep in mind my class starts at 10:00am. So I got ready; brushed my teeth, brushed my hair, picked out an outfit, etc. I finished at 9:42am and decided to go get coffee.

I ordered the drink I always get: Medium Latte no flavoring or whip cream. Boring I know. I was waiting for my order from about 9:45am until 9:00am. I asked the woman if she had a slip, after about ten minutes, for my latte and she didn’t.

I wasn’t that bothered by the fact that it took 20 minutes to get my latte and I was late to class because you could tell the woman was new plus it was busy. She was dropping lids to the cups, spilling things, etc.

To be honest yes, I was a little anxious about being late to class. But I just reminded myself that I had been new before at a job and it is stressful. So I decided that trying make this woman’s day better by being patient was more important than being on time for class.

She gave me my latte and apologized but I made sure to tell her that she didn’t have to worry and I thanked her.

Coffee places tend to try and get people in and out as fast as possible since they’re so busy but what’s the rush? I’d like to think that I maybe made her day a little better by giving her the time she needed to get the job done.

What would you have done? 

Social Media RA Bulletin Board


Hey guys! So I thought I’d show you my bulletin board I had to make for my RA job in hopes to inspire you or simply entertain you! Each RA is assigned a staff task. My staff task is public relations, so I run my residence hall’s Instagram and Facebook. In addition to updating the social media sites, I have to attend committee meetings and decorate an additional bulletin board. This is my social media bulletin board inspired by Pinterest but I made it more my own. I really love how it turned out. This might be my favorite bulletin board I’ve made so far!

Are you an RA? What is your most current/favorite bulletin board you’ve made?

Microwave Cooking and Dining Hall Hacks

One of my biggest issues I’ve had since being in college is the food. Plus, I don’t eat meat so that makes the selection even slimmer. To me, eating good food plays a big role in how you feel. So I thought I’d look into some healthy (for the most part) recipes that you can make right in your dorm room!


Microwave Recipes

I have tried some of these microwave recipes but not all of them. I am so excited to try these. I thought I’d share these recipes that I plan to try and you can try them with me!




Blueberry Muffins


Cinnamon Maple Breakfast Quinoa


Steamed Vegetables



Mug Brownie


Dining Hall Hacks

  • At some colleges you’re able to fill water bottles with juice. However, if you are at one of the schools that doesn’t allow you to take drinks in a water bottle you can bring a funnel with you. Get your drinks from the fountain and put it in a cup. When you get back to your seat, put the funnel in your water bottle and pour the cup of juice inside. You may need a few trips to fill your bottle, but this gets the job done.
  • Some schools also offer to go boxes and to go cups. I know at my school we’re charged money if we don’t bring the box back or back to the correct dining hall. So instead you could bring your own tupperware container in your backpack or you could put your food in the to go cups that they don’t need back.
  • If there’s something you like to eat at home and the dining hall sort-of has it you can make it your own. For example, at home I make waffles with flax seed and nuts. So I bring my own flax seed and crushed nuts and mix it with the batter the school already has. That way you can re-vamp the dining hall food and add some nutritional value.


I hope this post was helpful! What food hacks do you use in college?


RA Boards

Alright! It’s good to be back. I recently became an RA at my college and have been busy with training.

When making my boards and door tags, I always look for inspiration so I thought I’d post what I did for my boards! In case anyone doesn’t know, an RA has to decorate certain boards within their residence hall and make matching door tags that match one of the boards.

IMG_1067.JPGI got my inspiration for this board from Pinterest, but made some changes to make it how I wanted it. I would’ve made the words “the winter blues!” in the yellow font, but we ran out of our scheduled time to use the cut outs so I made do with what I had. This was the board I made that matched my door tags. I made my door tags into thermometers and wrote “Do you wish it was warm?” in a gold marker. Yes, I know I spelt exercise wrong. I’m new. Give me a break.


This board we had to split. One side for flyers and one side for a way for residents to see which RA is on duty. I came up with this idea on my own. This one is probably my favorite. This is my only board that doesn’t change monthly (except for the flyers).


I got inspiration for this board on Pinterest. I didn’t know what to use for boarders but I used tissue paper to make wavy bumps (I don’t know what else to call it haha). The apps I listed from top to bottom are Instabucket, Productive, Strides, and NY Resolutions (I added the names just now because I realized I forgot them).

So far being an RA is great. I love making the boards and door tags. I love the staff. Being an RA has totally changed my college experience.  Last semester I had a lot of trouble. I had trouble connecting with people was my biggest issue. The staff is great and we spend a lot of time together. Being an RA makes me feel like a part of something, I needed that. I am so excited for what is to come!

What changed your college experience?