What’s in my fridge?

Hey guys! I try to keep strictly healthy foods in my fridge so that when I want junk food there is no reason for me to eat it because I already paid for the healthier options. I just thought I’d share what is usually in my fridge to give you some ideas on what to keep in your fridge at college or at home if you are looking to shake things up a bit!


Here is the fridge I have in my dorm room! It is by the brand Emerson. It’s quiet and keeps everything at whatever temperature you need to keep your food cold. I decided I didn’t really need a freezer, but the icebox holds about 6 frozen meals and keeps them frozen!

I dragged everything out of my shopping bags or out of the fridge before putting everything away to give you guys a look!
Here’s more of what is in my fridge (besides the gum).
I believe I ate these while unpacking.


I get these in the caramel version as well. I love these for when I’m craving something sweet. The caramel/yogurt do the trick!


I can’t eat a whole loaf of bread on my own before the time it rots, so my mom buys bread when she’s here and I will put a few slices in baggies so I can make sandwiches!


What is in your fridge? Do you have any techniques on getting yourself to eat as healthy as possible?


Workout of the Day! (12/2/15)

Here’s my workout from today that I did with my trainer!

10 minutes on the elliptical

3 sets of:

  • a :30 plank
  • 12 reps of bicep curls with a 7.5lb dumbbells
  • 12 reps of bird dogs on each side alternating
  • 12 reps of overhead tricep extensions

3 sets of  

  • 12 reps of knee hay bailers with an 8lb medicine ball
  • 12 reps of overhead shoulder presses with a 7.5lb weight
  • 12 reps of Russian twists on each side

3 sets of

  • 12 reps of dumbbell bench presses with a 7.5lb weight
  • a :30 second side plank with bent knees on each side
  • 12 reps of single arm dumbbell rows with a 7.5lb weight

10 minutes on the elliptical


Through my school there is a club where students can utilize a free trainer so I thought I would give it a go! Having a trainer keeps me accountable for my workouts three times a week, which is nice for when I’m lacking the motivation. I try to work out one additional time per week so I work out more days than I don’t.

I know if people aren’t in school and aren’t provided a trainer that trainers are very expensive. Many people are unaware of the prices that trainers have to pay to be re-certified every two years. In order for them to be making a profit, they have to get paid more than they spend on their tests and classes which are hundreds of dollars. So don’t hold your grudges on how much they cost. You can just as easily and much more cheaply create your own workout plan!

Do your research, buy a workout video, take a few fitness classes.My favorite is watching youtube videos! I watch fitness vlogs, how-to videos, workout videos and videos inspiring people to stay motivated (my favorite is Bree’s fitness videos that she does on her main channel in addition to her vlogs where you can see what she does during her day). She is very positive and is a great motivator, she has definitely helped me to keep my motivation up throughout the years! I love this source because it is easily accessible, it’s free and you can easily find new ideas to try and stay inspired! Creating your own workout plan is easier than you think.

You’re probably thinking that you’re totally capable of making your own workout plan, but your problem is motivating yourself to actually follow it. You can workout with a friend or find someone who is willing to stay on your case to workout. Just because you can’t get a trainer doesn’t mean you can’t get the same results. I actually challenge that you can get better results.

You got this! Get out and workout. Even a bad workout is better than not doing one at all!


10 Nifty Gifts for Fitness Nuts

I am getting a head start on looking for gifts for my family and friends for Christmas. I came across a few gifts that would be great for fitness lovers and I thought I would share them with you! Sorry, they are mostly (not all) geared towards girls since I’m a girl and have no clue what a dude would want fitness-wise. 

1. Exercise Cards

These exercise cards seem very useful and a good investment. However, you could also make your own using index cards(which I have done and it works great). I also put different exercises on large popsicle sticks and put them in a container and I pick out 10-15 to create a workout. The DIY version works if you’re looking for these cards for yourself but if you’re looking to find a gift for someone else, I would recommend buying the cards.


2. Wrist Wallet

I may invest in one of these! It looks comfortable and like a good quality material and is just the right size to hold keys. This would be awesome for running outside without having to worry about losing your keys.


3. The Fitness Book

Initially, I wanted to invest in this book but as I researched it a bit I decided I am just going to make my own (get ready for a DIY and maybe a printable version!). This particular book only contains space for recording your fitness goals for 12 weeks. If you are looking to fulfill a short term goal, this would be great. However, I would like a book for longer term use so I may as well make one myself!


4. Safety Kit

This kit is intended to help women get ready to go out in a rush or last minute but I think it would be well suited for after the gym. If you’re squeezing in a workout before having to go somewhere, this would work well to get ready fast!


5. Frozen Fruit Soft Serve Processor

This is really cool for those fitness nuts who have a soft spot for ice cream but want to stay on track. This seems pretty legit and seems like it would be really good especially if you mix different fruits.


6. Matching Tank Tops

I’ve always wanted to workout with my boyfriend especially in matching tank tops. This would be perfect for someone who’s workout buddy is there significant other/friend.


7. Obama Can’t Ban These Guns Tank Top

This tank top obviously isn’t for everyone but this is a pretty funny shirt for those who have a stance such as this one politically.


8. Pink Nike Gym Bag

I currently own this bag similar to this one(the one I currently own is no longer being sold). I have had it for probably around 6 years and I absolutely love it. It’s great for travel and for sports. Mine is the medium size and has worked perfectly in holding my cheerleading and track and field gear.

When this bag was initially purchased, it also came with a warranty from Dicks Sporting Goods (I am not entirely sure if we had to pay for it or not) but if the bag ever breaks I can get a new one for free for life.


9. Fitbit

A Fitbit wouldn’t work for my needs since I tend to workout in an indoor gym, but for people who love to compete with others and for those people that workout outside this would be great. With this Fitbit you can track your heart rate, steps, how well you slept, etc. If the owner of the Fitbit knows more people with a fitbit as well, they can compete in daily, weekly or weekend challenges to see who can get the most steps in in the allotted time. This particular fit bit has a better band. The people I know who have owned both types of bands, prefer this one.


10. Medicine Ball

I absolutely love my Gold’s Gym 8lb medicine ball. I prefer it over weights. It is great to go push ups on and it shakes up your average bicep curl into a more fun and active workout. It is especially great for partner workouts. The link below is the same color but seems to have a different texture than the one I currently own. I believe it is about the same thing.




My Favorite Healthy Snacks and Meals

Here are my favorite healthy snacks!

  • Wild Riceworks Black Japonica Rice Crackers


  • Apples


  • Stir Fry
Stir fry with olives, carrots, amaranth, farro, rice, spinach, and broccoli.
  • Latte with no flavoring and no whip
I’m as happy as this little guy when I can drink my lattes!
  • Fruit Parfait
Fruit parfait with greek yogurt, pineapple, strawberries, honey and coconut shavings.
  • Gerber Puffs Cereal Snack in Strawberry Apple


  • Honey wheat bagel with peanut butter


  • String Cheese


Hopefully this post helped to inspire you to try a new food (maybe even one I posted above)!

What are your favorite foods lately?

I plan out my meals.

I try to plan out my meals for every day of the week. I am going to get right into it!

Of course, some changes have to happen to my plans on occasion. If I know that I will be at a friends house that weekend, I plan to bring some snacks or to get my game face on and turn down any poor food choices. But of course I still eat junk food though, what’s a friends house without junk food? I will also plan my workouts according to what I have planned for that week. By planning these things out I can plan to eat healthier or do a harder workout the days before I go. Also, say I am going to their house Friday afternoon. In that case, I would squeeze a workout in Friday morning and then choose that Saturday I won’t be home to be one of my off days.

When planning out my meals, I often write “pick something from the snack drawer” into the snack category on my planner. In my dorm, I have a drawer with different healthier snacks. Even though I enjoy planning out my meals, I also like to feel like I have more freedom from that schedule. So I use my snack drawer for this. This way, I can choose anything from the drawer but still stay within that healthy snack category.

Since I am in college it is harder to make better choices. If I had a car, I could do a quick trip to Walmart to get some healthier food no problem. However, since I’m a freshman I can’t have a car on campus so I take the bus once a week to pick up food. I have to plan what I eat so I can also know what to buy on my next shopping trip to make sure I eat it. On my last shopping trip, this is some of the food I picked up:

apples with caramel



4 apples


Rice Crackers

dried edamame

Many of the foods I keep in my dorm are healthy microwavable foods and different snacks. Sometimes if I know the dining hall won’t have any meals that are lower in carbs, I will make some soup or have half an avocado with something else. I just substitute foods according to what part of the food pyramid I am missing for that day.

In the dining hall they try to serve healthier food. However, they also have to cook for mass amounts of people. This makes it difficult because often, only foods high in carbs are served at the dining hall in my dorm. So I make changes to some of the food options. One of the options for breakfast is waffles. Waffles aren’t the best thing for you, but they’re better than eating the fried tater tots, sausage and pancakes. The waffles tend to keep me fuller longer than the pancakes so I choose that or a bagel. For my waffle I mix in flax seed, then cook it, and put a small amount of maple syrup on it with some crushed almonds and walnuts. I personally buy the flax seed and nuts, this is not provided by my school. For lunch, I have canned chicken to bring down to the dining hall and put that on my sandwich rather than the meat provided by my school since it is hard to tell where it comes from. I don’t eat meat much in general, but when I do I like to know where it comes from in addition to the fact that canned chicken is somewhat better for you than canned tuna. Making these changes also helps me to shake up what I’ve been eating so I don’t get sick of one food.

This is what works best for me and my lifestyle. I don’t always plan out my food, but if I feel like I need to plan it out, I do. I just do whatever will work for that day. Staying on track is important to me and my goals. I hope that this helped to give some of you ideas on how to stay on track and live that healthy lifestyle you want. If you have anything you do to keep you on track, please let me know. I would love to hear some of your ideas!

What I Eat in a Day!

Breakfast: 2 small chocolate chip coconut pancakes and chocolate milk

Snack #1: medium hot latte with no flavoring, no whip and an apple

Lunch: white sticky rice, half a quesadilla with salsa, a cinnamon mini muffin and orange vitamin water

Dinner: a burrito on a wheat tortilla, cheese, lettuce, black beans, brown rice, pico de gallo salsa and black olives and an ice cream sandwich

Snack #2: a coconut granola bar

I tried ZUMBA!

Holy cow! I know many people have said that Zumba was fun, but I didn’t think it would be that fun!

My expectations:

  1. That it would be fun.
  2. There would be instruction. I am not sure if in most Zumba classes there is instruction, but mine did not.
  3. It would be really, really difficult.
  4. You would dance to one or two long songs or workout playlists.
  5. The class would be relatively short.
  6. You would be expected to know what you were doing.


  1. No instruction.
  2. It was difficult but I was able to dance the whole time without stopping. My legs are so sore today though (which is great!).
  3. It was unbelievably fun.
  4. I forgot I was even working out.
  5. You dance to a whole bunch of different songs; some were harder than others.
  6. There were people of all ability levels.
  7. Lets just say, all my expectations were wrong (except number one of course).

If you are hesitating to try Zumba, stop! Go out and try it. No one cares if you’re good at dancing, if thats your concern. I had no clue what I was doing and it was a blast. You learn to pick things up quickly after some time doing the different dances. It was so fun I forgot I was even working out. My class was forty five minutes and the last fifteen were an ab and leg workout, and stretching. I am definitely going to go to the next class next week! I can’t wait to go again!

If you’ve done Zumba, what did you think?