Ways to organize your school books in a dorm room.

Hey everybody! I thought I’d show you how I organize my closet and my school books in my dorm room.


Here’s my closet…

The top shelf I use for my school books. I used sticky notes with the subject on it to stick to the edge of the shelf so I can better see what is on the shelf.

The second shelf down I use for more random items. The teal bin contains hats, scarves, belts and other accessories. I keep my yoga mat, water bottles, some jewelry and smaller books.

My clothes are organized from left to right as…

Shirts: scarves, tank tops, short sleeves, quarter sleeves, long sleeves, dresses (dresses go in the same order no sleeves, short sleeves, long sleeves)


Cardiagans/Jackets: short sleeved cardigans, flannels, long sleeve cardigans, jackets

My shoe rack is just a shoe rack that holds shoes (plus my medicine ball).


Now, my second closet.

To explain, this closet is definitely my messier closet but many of the items are hard to organize. I may actually buy more bins to put things in so that it looks more put-together.  But on the other hand, who cares? I’ll close the closet.

The top shelf holds linens, an air mattress, swiffer cloths and sponges.

The second shelf down holds my box that holds food and ingredients, waterbottles/mugs, towels, lint rollers, clorox wipes, and my bags with ticket stubs and pictures.

The clothing rack I use for jackets, dressy dresses and vests.

At the bottom of my closet I have open space and an organizer to the left.

The open space… holds my bags, protein powder and any extra items that are big but don’t have a place.

The organizer is organized like….

Top drawer: extra door tags and papers for RA boards

Next drawer down: Food and jewelry. I know, odd combo. But one side holds food and the other half has a bin for jewelry.

The bottom drawer has items such as extra toothpaste, sunscreen, lotion, makeup, a hair dryer, etc.


I hope this helped to give you some ideas on organizing. Everyone organizes differently, you just have to keep changing it up to see which way works best for you. In fact, I actually plan on changing up my second closet to be more organized than it is now. Organize according to what is going on in your life and what needs space. Just because you organize once, doesn’t mean you can’t re-organize!

What are your organization tips?


Junk Drawers to Useful Drawers

I recently went home and was in cleaning mode, so I went through a few of my drawers to organize a bit. You know how most people have one junk drawer? Well I had much more than one, so I cleaned the drawers that weren’t organized out and did some reorganizing.

  1. I took a smaller box and a laundry basket for all of the objects in the drawers.
  2. I put small trinkets in the small box and all the larger objects into the laundry basket.
  3. Then I put all the different objects into their designated drawers.
  4. Anything that didn’t belong in a drawer I kept in the box and laundry basket. This is where I stopped.

I am now writing this second portion a few days later. I have been trying to find some organization tips throughout the past few days.

The segment I wrote above is what I started to do but I didn’t end up finishing before I went back to school so my room is currently a disaster. However, I am home once again and am going to try a new approach. The first approach worked, but it didn’t help with the bulk of the problem.

  1. Now, I am going to take every messy drawer or any out of place object and put it in a huge heap in the center of my floor.
  2. Then, I will take out a few items at a time and put them away. Any objects that need to be put in a different room in my house I will put in a laundry basket to put away later (by leaving the room you may get sidetracked or the task of organizing may seem like a bigger task than it really is).

I will report back in a bit to tell you my progress!

So far, it seems like the second plan definitely worked better. I have much less on my floor, and I have been able to get rid of a lot more stuff. By putting everything in a pile, I was able to see how many out of place items I had. From here, I condensed any lotions or hand sanitizers I had of the same kind. I trashed anything I really didn’t need.

Yes, some things are hard to get rid of even if you know you will never use it. But trust me it is definitely worth it to get rid of the extra clutter.

For those items you really can’t get rid of but don’t want in your area anymore, put them in a storage container and put the container in your basement or garage. You will still have anything of value but it will no longer be cluttering your life!


I know this may seem a little confusing but if you look above, I italicized what the most important parts are. Organizing is a difficult thing and everyone does it differently. I do hope that this post helped give you some perspective that A) you’re not the only one who has organization issues and B) that you can find everything a place.

What are some organization tips that you have?

The New Year 2016

Happy 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣6️⃣ 💫 a fresh start to do better, be better, try harder, & work towards our goals! …and a fresh dose of grace when we fall short. New Years Resolutions can be exciting & motivating! but also sometimes daunting. We start off in a sprint & we are READY TO WIN!!!! but….then you trip. You miss a day at the gym, you didn’t read your devotional, you eat what you said you weren’t going to eat, and the discouragement hits you fast and hard. This year does not have to be one of failures. Learn to accept your mistakes this year. Learn to embrace them and thank them and rejoice in them! In our weaknesses we are made strong. When you get up again and again, fall after fall – character is built. You learn to treat yourself with compassion, forgiveness, mercy, and grace. So this year as you endeavor to climb mountains, don’t forget to appreciate the bumps along the way because you wouldn’t get to the top without them.


My resolutions:

  • get a short story or poem published
  • inspire more people using my blog
  • start writing a book
  • get photos printed and organized
  • take 8,000 photos on my camera
  • hike at least half the peaks of a mountain range in my area
  • get a position in a club at school
  • get a writing and an art piece published in the art magazine at my college
  • improve my photography abilities and expand my knowledge on using my camera
  • volunteer more at elementary schools

In years past I have made resolutions but haven’t achieved or kept up with any of them. This year I did a few things to change that. I picked realistic and fun goals. My resolutions are ones I know I can complete but a conscious effort still needs to be made. I didn’t include fitness or mentality improvement as a resolution. I feel that by completing the goals I have already set that a better mentality and a higher fitness level will follow.

I am so excited for the New Year and for what is to come. So many things have happened this past year, good and bad. I’m sure this year will be an even better ride! To help you guys keep up with your resolutions I will be posting on Saturdays with posts that are based on a journal I bought. It is intended to keep you inspired and to remind you of what really matters. I hope you like them! I wish you the best of luck in 2016!




Ways to stay motivated to complete your list of resolutions in the New Year

Do you have trouble keeping up with your resolutions every year? Here are some ideas that may help!

  1. Create monthly  or daily goals goals. This way, your goals seem more within reach. It makes it seem as if you have less goals since you spread them out month by month or day by day.
  2. Post a list of your resolutions on a list somewhere you will see it every day. By seeing your resolutions every day you’ll remember you have things to accomplish!
  3. Don’t create unrealistic goals. If you do have a big goal, make smaller resolutions that will eventually lead up to the bigger goal. It will make you feel like you achieved more and will help to keep you on track since the tasks are smaller.
  4. Set reminders on your phone. By putting your resolutions in your reminders or on your calendar you will remember what you need to accomplish. You could set a reminder every few days or weeks so you are constantly reminded you have things you want to accomplish.
  5. Make fun resolutions. Who said resolutions had to be obnoxious to achieve? Often people put tasks that they’ve wanted to get done for years on their list of resolutions. If it hasn’t gotten done in the past, theres a good chance it won’t get done. Take it off your resolutions list and keep your resolutions list for things that you really can and want to achieve. The list of tasks will still be there. Just put the two lists somewhere you will see them. That way, you are more likely to achieve your resolutions like you want but still have that task on a list somewhere.
  6. Make a list with someone. If you live with someone who is making resolutions as well, combine your lists. That way the two of you can help to conquer each other’s goals and more efficiently complete the list.
  7. Limit yourself to only a few resolutions. That way you can more easily cross off everything on your list and not feel discouraged. If you complete the small list early, make another small list and keep making new lists as you complete the old ones.
  8. Use your children to complete resolutions. If your resolution list seems to be made up of different home improvement projects or chores and you have kids, give them a list they have to complete so it splits up the work load.

I hope that these suggestions are helpful! I absolutely love the idea of resolutions, it seems to be the one time of year when everyone is simultaneously inspired to complete something they have been wanting to do whether it be chores or for fun. All people need to stay on track is a little support and inspiration!

What ideas do you have for staying on track with your resolutions throughout the whole year?


End of December Resolutions

Why only do resolutions for the new year? I decided I am going to make a list of achievable (achievable is key in order to stay on track and not get discouraged) goals to complete. These include:

  1. Complete job application.
  2. Tidy up and organize my room.
  3. Register to vote.
  4. Finish my boyfriend’s Christmas present.
  5. Send photos to my aunt.
  6. Get all my pictures on one flash drive before my computer dies for good.

I just thought I’d share with you some of my short term goals. Set some achievable goals to finish by the end of December, it’ll get you ready for the goals you’d like to achieve for the New Year! I will be sure to post my New Years Resolutions soon!

What are some of your resolutions (New Years or otherwise)?


December 26, 2015

As of right now I have completed #5.

I plan out my meals.

I try to plan out my meals for every day of the week. I am going to get right into it!

Of course, some changes have to happen to my plans on occasion. If I know that I will be at a friends house that weekend, I plan to bring some snacks or to get my game face on and turn down any poor food choices. But of course I still eat junk food though, what’s a friends house without junk food? I will also plan my workouts according to what I have planned for that week. By planning these things out I can plan to eat healthier or do a harder workout the days before I go. Also, say I am going to their house Friday afternoon. In that case, I would squeeze a workout in Friday morning and then choose that Saturday I won’t be home to be one of my off days.

When planning out my meals, I often write “pick something from the snack drawer” into the snack category on my planner. In my dorm, I have a drawer with different healthier snacks. Even though I enjoy planning out my meals, I also like to feel like I have more freedom from that schedule. So I use my snack drawer for this. This way, I can choose anything from the drawer but still stay within that healthy snack category.

Since I am in college it is harder to make better choices. If I had a car, I could do a quick trip to Walmart to get some healthier food no problem. However, since I’m a freshman I can’t have a car on campus so I take the bus once a week to pick up food. I have to plan what I eat so I can also know what to buy on my next shopping trip to make sure I eat it. On my last shopping trip, this is some of the food I picked up:

apples with caramel



4 apples


Rice Crackers

dried edamame

Many of the foods I keep in my dorm are healthy microwavable foods and different snacks. Sometimes if I know the dining hall won’t have any meals that are lower in carbs, I will make some soup or have half an avocado with something else. I just substitute foods according to what part of the food pyramid I am missing for that day.

In the dining hall they try to serve healthier food. However, they also have to cook for mass amounts of people. This makes it difficult because often, only foods high in carbs are served at the dining hall in my dorm. So I make changes to some of the food options. One of the options for breakfast is waffles. Waffles aren’t the best thing for you, but they’re better than eating the fried tater tots, sausage and pancakes. The waffles tend to keep me fuller longer than the pancakes so I choose that or a bagel. For my waffle I mix in flax seed, then cook it, and put a small amount of maple syrup on it with some crushed almonds and walnuts. I personally buy the flax seed and nuts, this is not provided by my school. For lunch, I have canned chicken to bring down to the dining hall and put that on my sandwich rather than the meat provided by my school since it is hard to tell where it comes from. I don’t eat meat much in general, but when I do I like to know where it comes from in addition to the fact that canned chicken is somewhat better for you than canned tuna. Making these changes also helps me to shake up what I’ve been eating so I don’t get sick of one food.

This is what works best for me and my lifestyle. I don’t always plan out my food, but if I feel like I need to plan it out, I do. I just do whatever will work for that day. Staying on track is important to me and my goals. I hope that this helped to give some of you ideas on how to stay on track and live that healthy lifestyle you want. If you have anything you do to keep you on track, please let me know. I would love to hear some of your ideas!

My New Plan

Recently I have been trying to get really organized, and I’m going to tell you all about what I’ve been doing and hopefully it will help you too!

My Planner

I have been writing down all my homework assignments into the daily slots. Then I take a sticky note and write down what needs to be done by that day. This really helps to see what my priorities are. Sometimes it is so hard to keep track of what actually needs to be done that day.

Workout Booklet

I printed these calendars (link:http://www.smartschoolhouse.com/diy-crafts/free-calendar#_a5y_p=3105389) and write my workouts for each day. I was putting off the gym for a week or two because I was sick and then was slammed with homework and I always said I’d work out tomorrow so that I can get more homework done but that just starts a cycle where I never end up working out. So by having this calendar among other lists/calendars I am able to find time for all of my workouts.

Weekly Food Calendar

Okay, so I tried to plan all my meals for the week but that is so hard. So now, I wrote down guidelines of what I should eat every day in general. So right now I have “1. No vending machine food. 2. One cheat day a week. 3. Eat two fruits and veggies per day (which is harder than you think when you’re eating mostly from a dining hall).”

White Board Schedule

I have been writing my schedule for each day down on a free white board my college gave out. On the board, I write each hour that I am awake down the side. Then next to each time, I write the activity that needs to be done. Throughout the day, I cross out what I accomplish. This allows me to see what I’ve accomplished and keeps my priorities straight.

In addition to these bigger changes, I have also been finding one time every week to do laundry so that it is done and so that I can know that a washer is available at that time. By having one day set aside to get something done, you don’t have to stress all week about when you’ll find time to do it. Then, I pick one day (usually the same day as laundry day) to take all the sticky notes with notes on them and write all the notes down into my planner. This helps me to keep organized and it saves time since you sit down once and are in the swing of things. I may try to keep my schedules in both my planner and in my phone so that I always know what is going on no matter where I am, but the phone will never replace my planner. There is something calming about keeping everything in one place and writing it down.

I hope you found these random changes that I’ve made to my lifestyle helpful! What do you do to stay organized?