Eating Clean Challenge

Starting today I am going to eat as clean as possible. I’m writing this two seconds after I randomly decided to do this. I’m actually really excited! (It has now been two months since I originally wrote this, and I’m still eating clean for the most part.)

I generally eat clean anyway, but I want to clean up my diet even more. Along with this, I’m still going to continue my workout routine but with cleaner eating to find out the results.

My rules:

  1. Stick to a plant based diet.
  2. If you feel like you want carbs…chances are your body probably wants them. That’s okay, just make sure it’s within reason.
  3. Drink lots of water.
  4. Eat slowly. If you eat slowly you will be less likely to over-eat.
  5. No processed foods.
  6. You can have small treats a day. It helps to get you started on eating better. Then, slowly start removing the sweets.
  7. Try eating more veggies and fruit than non fruits and veggies. Think of your classic portion sizes.
  8. If you end up cheating, don’t beat yourself up. Just pick up where you left off.

You got this!


I have now been trying to eat exceptionally clean for the past two months, and yes I have had a cheat meal or even a few cheat days in a row. However, I am still making progress with every decision to eat cleanly. The way I eat is based off of what has been working for me and on research I’ve done. I just thought I would share my eating clean journey with you guys, in hopes that something I’ve been trying might work for you. It’s a process to eat clean, just take baby steps.

How did you start eating clean? 



What I Eat in a Day! 4/6/2016


  • Organic Quakers Maple Oatmeal
  • Orange Juice


  • vegan chicken sticks
  • quinoa, rice and grain bowl
  • banana


  • steamed asparagus
  • seasoned, steamed zucchini
  • half a baked potato with only salt as a topping
  • some of an ice cream sundae (It was Wednesday at school, meaning it was ICE CREAM NIGHT!)


  • apple
  • walnuts and semi-sweet chocolate chips



Vroman’s Nose Hike 3/11/2016

Hey everyone!

There is an area in upstate New York in a small town that this mountain resides in. Vroman’s Nose is a relatively well known mountain within New York State so my friend and I planned to check it out.

We stopped at a house that had information on the hike and this wonderful woman came out to answer any and all questions we had. I’m pretty sure she does the flyers and answers questions out of her enjoyment and love of hiking. I love that. Everyone should live their life that way, using their passion to help others and fuel other people’s aspirations.

The hike was absolutely beautiful! This is a very family friendly hike. However there aren’t any railings on the ledges. The hike was relatively short and somewhat difficult.

The view is absolutely amazing. You can see a multitude of mountains, fields and farm houses. My friend and I watched, from the peak, a farmer check out his fields. We could see the stream that runs below and the town far off in the distance.

It was a great day for a hike! Get ready for Spring hiking!


Thanks for coming on this hike with me! I hope you enjoyed and are tying up your hiking shoes to go on a hike as you read!

What is your favorite view to have when you reach the top of a peak?


Hang-Glider Cliff Hike 3/10/2016

I encourage you to hike in the rain. Most people always look for the sunny and warm days, but sometimes the best hiking is on the off days.

I ordinarily wouldn’t hike in the rain. When initially planning this hike, my boyfriend and I didn’t anticipate rain (or at least I didn’t) but that day it poured all day long. Even though it was rainy and dark, we went anyway. It was so nice to walk through the warm rain. Plus the escarpment was amazing despite the rain.

Embrace every day no matter what it throws at you. Take chances. Do something you wouldn’t normally do. Take on every challenge, every idea and every dream. You can do that.



I hope you enjoyed!

What is your favorite type of weather or season to hike in?


Hiking Adventure 1/27/2016


Hiking is something that always brings out an adventure. There are so many different places to hike and each hike is so different. Go out and enjoy a beautiful day. Or even go out and enjoy a miserable one. You can make any day into a good day, you just have to find the joy!


My lovely boyfriend took these pictures from our recent hiking adventure. This hike was so much fun and I can’t wait to hike even more! Enjoy!

Ways to stay motivated to complete your list of resolutions in the New Year

Do you have trouble keeping up with your resolutions every year? Here are some ideas that may help!

  1. Create monthly  or daily goals goals. This way, your goals seem more within reach. It makes it seem as if you have less goals since you spread them out month by month or day by day.
  2. Post a list of your resolutions on a list somewhere you will see it every day. By seeing your resolutions every day you’ll remember you have things to accomplish!
  3. Don’t create unrealistic goals. If you do have a big goal, make smaller resolutions that will eventually lead up to the bigger goal. It will make you feel like you achieved more and will help to keep you on track since the tasks are smaller.
  4. Set reminders on your phone. By putting your resolutions in your reminders or on your calendar you will remember what you need to accomplish. You could set a reminder every few days or weeks so you are constantly reminded you have things you want to accomplish.
  5. Make fun resolutions. Who said resolutions had to be obnoxious to achieve? Often people put tasks that they’ve wanted to get done for years on their list of resolutions. If it hasn’t gotten done in the past, theres a good chance it won’t get done. Take it off your resolutions list and keep your resolutions list for things that you really can and want to achieve. The list of tasks will still be there. Just put the two lists somewhere you will see them. That way, you are more likely to achieve your resolutions like you want but still have that task on a list somewhere.
  6. Make a list with someone. If you live with someone who is making resolutions as well, combine your lists. That way the two of you can help to conquer each other’s goals and more efficiently complete the list.
  7. Limit yourself to only a few resolutions. That way you can more easily cross off everything on your list and not feel discouraged. If you complete the small list early, make another small list and keep making new lists as you complete the old ones.
  8. Use your children to complete resolutions. If your resolution list seems to be made up of different home improvement projects or chores and you have kids, give them a list they have to complete so it splits up the work load.

I hope that these suggestions are helpful! I absolutely love the idea of resolutions, it seems to be the one time of year when everyone is simultaneously inspired to complete something they have been wanting to do whether it be chores or for fun. All people need to stay on track is a little support and inspiration!

What ideas do you have for staying on track with your resolutions throughout the whole year?


Motivation Board


Needing a little motivation? Create a motivation board/vision board! A motivation board is board that includes items that inspire you in general and a vision board is almost the same thing except you can use it more as a plan for what you want to accomplish. All you need is to cut out words or pictures of things that inspire you or of goals you would like to accomplish. You can find these in magazines, online, the newspaper, etc.

For my board, I used it as a motivation board. It’s intention is to help remind me of what is important and what I should keep in mind. Some additional things you could add to your board are frames, stickers, photographs of you or from different events, etc. You could also theme your board around where you would like to travel, fitness, motivation, things that make you happy, a five year plan or you could even have students in your class (if you’re a teacher) make a board for their goals for the school year and have them make one at the end of the year and see how they changed, or you could make one to use as holiday decor. Now that you have some ideas…

Get cutting and gluing!