Ten tips to being happier.

Take time for yourself and do something you enjoy.

One thing I have been noticing about my own life lately, is that the minimal time to myself is much needed. I love to be social. I am so glad I’m 100,000x more social than I was last semester, but now that I’m social all the time…the space is good. You may not think you need that space but you definitely do. Even if you’re not completely busy, you should still take time to yourself. It will improve your mood, make you feel more relaxed and energized for the next task!


Writing is one of the best ways to sort out your thoughts. Well… maybe your not a writer. So make sketch journal or just scribble out your frustrations. I know in my personal journal I tape things in, draw, write, make lists, write down goals, etc. I write literally whatever is bothering me, then I close the journal and I feel like everything was left shoved in between those pages.

Work out.

Working out doesn’t have to be doing a marathon or running for an hour. It can be hiking, swimming, or anything you enjoy. Make the workout fun.¬†Working out helps to relieve stress and makes you more energized.¬†

Eat clean.

Try eating clean for a few days, you will definitely feel the difference. Eating clean makes me feel less weighted down and I feel better physically and mentally. 

Stay organized.

Clutter causes me to feel stressed. When there is less clutter in my area and everything is organized, I feel so much more calm and ready to get things done!

Be positive.

Change any negative thought you have to a positive one. There is always a positive side in everything you do! It helps if you get someone to remind you and “scold” you when you’re negative. You’ll be amazed at how much more enjoyable life is with a positive mindset.


I didn’t realize how reliant I was on socialization until my first semester in college. As you probably know, I had a lot of trouble. The amount of socialization can vary from person to person. But people are people. People need socialization. It teaches you socialization skills and allows you to express your thoughts and ideas in a verbal manner.¬†

Make or find a space you love to go to.

Even though everyone needs socialization, having your own space is nice too. That space can be your room, somewhere outside, a secret hiding place, your favorite seat at a restaurant, etc. Having your own space can make you feel more in control and relaxed.

Take supplements.

My family is very big on not taking medication unless you absolutely need it. For example: I take natural supplements because of a skin condition (eczema), me being a vegetarian and for overall wellness. I take a multivitamin (for overall wellness and to provide nutrients I may be lacking from not eating meat), turmeric curcumin (for eczema and overall wellness) and fish oil (for overall wellness, eczema and to provide amino acids I lack because of my diet). For those of you who have eczema, try taking fish oil and turmeric curcumin supplements. They have completely changed the severity of my condition. My skin no longer reacts the way it used to ever since taking these two supplements. However keep in mind that I am not a doctor and this was not recommended to me by a doctor. I did lots of research on the subject and did some experimenting. This has been what works best for me. I recommend checking with a parent or doctor before trying any supplements to solve any problems. These supplements have really changed how I feel mentally and physically. 

Get sunlight.

Sunlight makes the world of a difference for my mood. The minute the first beautiful and warm day comes out in the Spring my mood instantly improves. The sun makes me feel ready for the day and like I can accomplish anything, especially with a smile on my face.

What makes you happy?