New Apps and Websites For Your Child

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I hope you are all having a wonderful day. If you aren’t, why don’t you try out some fun games. Yes, the title says they are meant for your child but adults can have fun too!

Recently for a class I am taking I had to visit two websites and two apps. By visit I mean play the games, look up information and review how good the app actually is. All the work is done for you. Below I will provide links to each website and underneath that I will leave a link to the actual review!

Android app: Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle

Apple app: Maily

Website 1: PBSKids

Website 2: ABCYa

Click here to view my reviews on two websites, one Apple app and one Android app.

I hope this helps those of you looking to help your children learn and play all at the same time. That goes for you too, teachers!

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What is Netiquette?

Hey guys!

Todays post is going to be a little more informational than usual, but I recently discovered this new outlet to create projects on. is a great place to create interactive and informational projects that display different ideas.

As you can see below there are videos, notes and pictures that you can view. You also have the ability to be able to move your curser up/down or right/left.

I will definitely be using this program throughout my teaching career for both personal and classroom use. I may even include this in a lesson plan to allow my students to create their own informational board.

Below, you can see my quick explanation of the project and the actual padlet which is embedded into this post.

Working with my partner, Dariel Santana, we created a Padlet that discusses the topic of Netiquette, which is online etiquette and legal issues. This project contains different information, examples, videos and pictures of Netiquette and different legal issues. There are also two lesson plans provided in this Padlet that can be used in the classroom. 

Check out our Padlet below!

Made with Padlet

Really and truly create one. You won’t regret it. It is an irreplaceable resource.


Draw a Picture…

Here is another activity that I did in my Elementary Education club at my college! We were asked to pick a piece of paper. Then we had to draw a picture of ourselves and put 5 little circles or clouds around the picture we drew. We were then told to write 5 things we like about ourselves inside the 5 circles or bubbles.

FullSizeRender 2

I filled mine out, and then I looked around at the other people in the room. Some people looked like they felt really uncomfortable. But then there were others that seemed perfectly fine with the idea.

I never thought that this activity could get such different reactions from people.

Afterwards we debriefed.

We were described the significance of this activity. People who struggled with the activity are more likely to have lower self-esteem. People who found this activity easy, are more likely to have higher self-esteem. But of course there are exceptions to the rule.

It is so important as teachers to have high self-esteem or to portray high self-esteem. Your students will be looking up at  you for a significant amount of time each day. If you are an upbeat and happy teacher, your students will feel much more comfortable, safe and happy in your room. If you have or if you portray lower self-esteem, that could also rub off on your students. When your students leave your classroom, they will often feel whatever “vibe” you were giving off during the class.

Students who have higher self-esteem often do better in school and have less trouble socializing. Self-esteem can often lead to increased success.

You could also do this activity with your students and express the importance of self-love. Expressing that you are a good person to talk to if they have trouble filling in any of those circles can help create a window of opportunity to talk to your students. I know that when I become a teacher, I want my students to feel happy and safe in my classroom. Every student matters and I want them to feel that too.

What do you think is the importance of self esteem in the classroom?


What is your favorite part about teaching?

In my Elementary Education club at my college, we sometimes do different activities to help us think critically about different situations in the world and in the world of teaching.

This activity happened to be for our club’s bulletin board that we have in the education building. However, I took a lot more from this activity than just to decorate the bulletin board.

We were asked to write what our favorite part about teaching was, in the middle of the hand we traced and cut out. My response was “the difference you can make.”

FullSizeRender 2

In my life, I have always wanted to make a difference for someone. So many people in my life have been completely and utterly inspiring to me. I can’t imagine not having these different people in my current life or to have passed through my life. That’s one reason why I want to make a difference, especially to my students, and be there for the students or the people who may not have been as lucky to have multiple people come into their life and change it.

This may be a simple activity that makes you think about why you want to be a teacher and what your goals are, but it can be so much more than that.

If your aspiring to be or are currently a teacher, what is your favorite part? If you’re not teacher, what is your favorite part about life in general? What do you want to pull from it?


Motivation Board


Needing a little motivation? Create a motivation board/vision board! A motivation board is board that includes items that inspire you in general and a vision board is almost the same thing except you can use it more as a plan for what you want to accomplish. All you need is to cut out words or pictures of things that inspire you or of goals you would like to accomplish. You can find these in magazines, online, the newspaper, etc.

For my board, I used it as a motivation board. It’s intention is to help remind me of what is important and what I should keep in mind. Some additional things you could add to your board are frames, stickers, photographs of you or from different events, etc. You could also theme your board around where you would like to travel, fitness, motivation, things that make you happy, a five year plan or you could even have students in your class (if you’re a teacher) make a board for their goals for the school year and have them make one at the end of the year and see how they changed, or you could make one to use as holiday decor. Now that you have some ideas…

Get cutting and gluing! 



Today I volunteered at an elementary school. I do this every once in a while through a program at my school. I absolutely love going. If you’re ever needing some time out of your dorm room, go volunteer at an elementary school. You may end up running, climbing on playground equipment, playing tag, playing zombie tag(yes there is a difference), hiding things and then finding them, and learning the general rules of the play ground.It is so much fun.

I cannot wait to be a teacher. Teaching elementary kids is going to be one of the best jobs in the world. When people think of a teacher, people think of the teacher teaching their students what they need to know. But it’s also those students teaching the teacher what they need to know.

Kids have no filters. They will tell you exactly what they’re thinking, when they’re thinking it. Through this lack of a filter I’ve learned a lot of things. I’ve learned I am really old(P.S. for those of you who haven’t read my About page, I’m 18). I’ve learned you are not their friend when you tell them they have to correct their behavior. You’re safe on the play equipment, but when you’re on the wood chips you can be tagged.

Trust me, I do understand that as a teacher things will not always be like it is when I’m volunteering. But as a volunteer, you’re somewhat of a temporary friend and may make a difference. As a teacher, you could make the world of a difference.

I remember the first teacher that first made me start to love to go to school. It’s the first time I remember liking school, so maybe I liked it before too. But anyways, the one teacher that sticks out to me is my first grade teacher. I was scared at first when I found out she’d be my teacher, but by the time first grade came around I would run up and hug her. I remember how much I loved her as a teacher and I want one of my students to remember me the same way.

I still run into this teacher on occasion and I am still shocked that she knows who I am. She ran into me the first time since first grade when I was a sophomore in high school. She came up behind me and said “I know who you are. I would never forget.” That leads me to believe I maybe taught her something like she taught me.

I can’t wait to make that kind of impact.