Staying on track with your fitness/diet routine?

Hey guys!

So lately I have been doing excellent (if I do say so myself…) with staying on track when it comes to working out and eating clean so I thought I’d share some of the things I have been utilizing to do that!

Eating clean doesn’t mean you can’t eat good food. When eating clean, I eat as many fruits and veggies as possible. I also eat oatmeal, healthy grains, walnuts, etc. However if I do feel like I want something sweet, I’ll have some walnuts and chocolate chips or chocolate Cheerios with peanut butter. Usually when I indulge I try to keep some nutritional value (such as protein) in the mix.

You don’t have to work out as much as you think you do. I work out for about forty minutes to an hour about 3 times a week. In addition to that, I try to do two planks every day. Planks do wonders. I’m sure you’ve heard that before but you should try planking everyday and you’ll notice the difference! Overworking yourself can actually do more damage than good.

Time to yourself can do amazing things. You’re probably wondering why I’m including this into a fitness related post. Well, it has made the difference for me so I thought I’d share! I go to sleep at eleven or twelve every night and wake up at eight or eight-thirty every morning. From eight to nine in the morning is my time to sit and write, plan or read. I don’t use technology during this time. This time is used to help sort my thoughts and establish my “happy place” before my day starts. By making this time in the morning, nothing can get into the way. If you set time aside later you may push it off to complete other things.

I really recommend trying these ideas. I know some of them are somewhat common knowledge  but I never really set my mind to doing these things. Ever since setting my mind to be on a sleeping schedule, set time aside for myself, work out and eat clean, I have felt so much better physically and mentally. I have felt so much better since I have eaten cleaner, slept more and had time to myself. I want you guys to feel that improvement in yourselves!

What do you do to stay on track?




Motivation Board


Needing a little motivation? Create a motivation board/vision board! A motivation board is board that includes items that inspire you in general and a vision board is almost the same thing except you can use it more as a plan for what you want to accomplish. All you need is to cut out words or pictures of things that inspire you or of goals you would like to accomplish. You can find these in magazines, online, the newspaper, etc.

For my board, I used it as a motivation board. It’s intention is to help remind me of what is important and what I should keep in mind. Some additional things you could add to your board are frames, stickers, photographs of you or from different events, etc. You could also theme your board around where you would like to travel, fitness, motivation, things that make you happy, a five year plan or you could even have students in your class (if you’re a teacher) make a board for their goals for the school year and have them make one at the end of the year and see how they changed, or you could make one to use as holiday decor. Now that you have some ideas…

Get cutting and gluing! 


Fall Transitioning into Winter Favorites

Each of these items I have been using to their full potential. I either use these items throughout fall and winter or I begin to use them more during this time of transition. I hope you end up trying or loving any of these things!

  • Avon hand lotionIMG_0230

One of my biggest problems in Winter is dry hands. I don’t like putting on lotion and then having to go do something. I don’t like getting lotion on everything and having my hands slip around. This lotion is moisturizing but it almost seems waxy on your hands (I realize by saying it’s waxy doesn’t make it sound much more appealing but I swear thats a bad descriptor but I can’t think of a better word). I can put this lotion on any time and go do something without my hands being slippery. The lotion dries quickly while still moisturizing my hands.

  • Land’s End Down Packable Long Coat

I have never had to wear a “real” coat until this year. I have always worn sweatshirts or a fleece during the winter because I have never had to make long trips through the cold. When I did need something warmer I would either suck it up or wear my snowboarding coat (which I don’t like to wear on regular occasions just because it doesn’t work for that purpose). Since I am in college now and have to walk across campus in the freezing cold, I figured it was time to find a coat I would actually wear. This coat which I bought at Sears is perfect. I bought it a little on the bigger side so that it wasn’t tight on my elbows (I have longer upper arms so coats are often uncomfortable). It is so warm and is nice because if you turn the pocket inside out you can stuff the whole coat in it for easy storage.

  • Fingerless gloves

Fingerless gloves keep my hands warm but still allow me to text. I have previously owned gloves with the padding on them that allow you to text but I much prefer fingerless gloves. I don’t know why exactly; I guess because it is easier to do what you want on my phone quickly.

  • the gym

During the winter, my mood tends to go down. When I go to the gym, it helps me to blow off some steam and sweat. I love the summer because I am always warm and the sun puts me in a better mood. By working out, it makes me sweat and improves my mood. I may try to do some runs outside, getting some sun when I am out of my dorm would be great.

  • socks

I never really wore socks until I started to live in a dorm. I have wood floors and carpeting in my house but the concrete floors in my dorm room are just too cold. Since the heat seems to be uneven, the socks seem more necessary. Plus with all the in-and-out of my dorm room, the socks make it easier to throw shoes on.

  • showers

I absolutely love showers in winter. They make you all warm and when you get your pjs on and get in bed it is so nice because all the heat is kept in. It is a wonderful feeling. I highly suggest this process.

  • IMG_0228tall leather boots

Tall leather boots are all I have been wearing lately. They are so nice to wear in fall all the way through winter (however, I will have to see how it goes when it actually begins to snow on campus… I guess I’ll see and let you know). They make any outfit stand out, even if you’re wearing just a t-shirt.

  • airborne

Let’s just say that being around hundreds of people who are sick and coughing everywhere, Airborne is much needed. It helps to put off a cold or shorten the length of a cold. It’s awesome and I am a strong believer.

What are your favorite items when transitioning from fall to winter?

Workout of the Day! (12/2/15)

Here’s my workout from today that I did with my trainer!

10 minutes on the elliptical

3 sets of:

  • a :30 plank
  • 12 reps of bicep curls with a 7.5lb dumbbells
  • 12 reps of bird dogs on each side alternating
  • 12 reps of overhead tricep extensions

3 sets of  

  • 12 reps of knee hay bailers with an 8lb medicine ball
  • 12 reps of overhead shoulder presses with a 7.5lb weight
  • 12 reps of Russian twists on each side

3 sets of

  • 12 reps of dumbbell bench presses with a 7.5lb weight
  • a :30 second side plank with bent knees on each side
  • 12 reps of single arm dumbbell rows with a 7.5lb weight

10 minutes on the elliptical


Through my school there is a club where students can utilize a free trainer so I thought I would give it a go! Having a trainer keeps me accountable for my workouts three times a week, which is nice for when I’m lacking the motivation. I try to work out one additional time per week so I work out more days than I don’t.

I know if people aren’t in school and aren’t provided a trainer that trainers are very expensive. Many people are unaware of the prices that trainers have to pay to be re-certified every two years. In order for them to be making a profit, they have to get paid more than they spend on their tests and classes which are hundreds of dollars. So don’t hold your grudges on how much they cost. You can just as easily and much more cheaply create your own workout plan!

Do your research, buy a workout video, take a few fitness classes.My favorite is watching youtube videos! I watch fitness vlogs, how-to videos, workout videos and videos inspiring people to stay motivated (my favorite is Bree’s fitness videos that she does on her main channel in addition to her vlogs where you can see what she does during her day). She is very positive and is a great motivator, she has definitely helped me to keep my motivation up throughout the years! I love this source because it is easily accessible, it’s free and you can easily find new ideas to try and stay inspired! Creating your own workout plan is easier than you think.

You’re probably thinking that you’re totally capable of making your own workout plan, but your problem is motivating yourself to actually follow it. You can workout with a friend or find someone who is willing to stay on your case to workout. Just because you can’t get a trainer doesn’t mean you can’t get the same results. I actually challenge that you can get better results.

You got this! Get out and workout. Even a bad workout is better than not doing one at all!


I tried ZUMBA!

Holy cow! I know many people have said that Zumba was fun, but I didn’t think it would be that fun!

My expectations:

  1. That it would be fun.
  2. There would be instruction. I am not sure if in most Zumba classes there is instruction, but mine did not.
  3. It would be really, really difficult.
  4. You would dance to one or two long songs or workout playlists.
  5. The class would be relatively short.
  6. You would be expected to know what you were doing.


  1. No instruction.
  2. It was difficult but I was able to dance the whole time without stopping. My legs are so sore today though (which is great!).
  3. It was unbelievably fun.
  4. I forgot I was even working out.
  5. You dance to a whole bunch of different songs; some were harder than others.
  6. There were people of all ability levels.
  7. Lets just say, all my expectations were wrong (except number one of course).

If you are hesitating to try Zumba, stop! Go out and try it. No one cares if you’re good at dancing, if thats your concern. I had no clue what I was doing and it was a blast. You learn to pick things up quickly after some time doing the different dances. It was so fun I forgot I was even working out. My class was forty five minutes and the last fifteen were an ab and leg workout, and stretching. I am definitely going to go to the next class next week! I can’t wait to go again!

If you’ve done Zumba, what did you think?

My New Plan

Recently I have been trying to get really organized, and I’m going to tell you all about what I’ve been doing and hopefully it will help you too!

My Planner

I have been writing down all my homework assignments into the daily slots. Then I take a sticky note and write down what needs to be done by that day. This really helps to see what my priorities are. Sometimes it is so hard to keep track of what actually needs to be done that day.

Workout Booklet

I printed these calendars (link: and write my workouts for each day. I was putting off the gym for a week or two because I was sick and then was slammed with homework and I always said I’d work out tomorrow so that I can get more homework done but that just starts a cycle where I never end up working out. So by having this calendar among other lists/calendars I am able to find time for all of my workouts.

Weekly Food Calendar

Okay, so I tried to plan all my meals for the week but that is so hard. So now, I wrote down guidelines of what I should eat every day in general. So right now I have “1. No vending machine food. 2. One cheat day a week. 3. Eat two fruits and veggies per day (which is harder than you think when you’re eating mostly from a dining hall).”

White Board Schedule

I have been writing my schedule for each day down on a free white board my college gave out. On the board, I write each hour that I am awake down the side. Then next to each time, I write the activity that needs to be done. Throughout the day, I cross out what I accomplish. This allows me to see what I’ve accomplished and keeps my priorities straight.

In addition to these bigger changes, I have also been finding one time every week to do laundry so that it is done and so that I can know that a washer is available at that time. By having one day set aside to get something done, you don’t have to stress all week about when you’ll find time to do it. Then, I pick one day (usually the same day as laundry day) to take all the sticky notes with notes on them and write all the notes down into my planner. This helps me to keep organized and it saves time since you sit down once and are in the swing of things. I may try to keep my schedules in both my planner and in my phone so that I always know what is going on no matter where I am, but the phone will never replace my planner. There is something calming about keeping everything in one place and writing it down.

I hope you found these random changes that I’ve made to my lifestyle helpful! What do you do to stay organized?