Thanksgiving 2017

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Wow. It has been two years since I have done this segment… BUT I cannot wait touring it back. For those of you who are new, once you see my Thanksgiving intro post I will start writing daily thankful messages.

These messages are in hopes that you, yourself, will evaluate what you are thankful for in your life. In addition to discovering what you are thankful for, you may even be able to encourage others to do the same. It could make this time of year much easier for some.

I’m looking forward to celebrating Thanksgiving with you!


New Apps and Websites For Your Child

Hey guys!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day. If you aren’t, why don’t you try out some fun games. Yes, the title says they are meant for your child but adults can have fun too!

Recently for a class I am taking I had to visit two websites and two apps. By visit I mean play the games, look up information and review how good the app actually is. All the work is done for you. Below I will provide links to each website and underneath that I will leave a link to the actual review!

Android app: Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle

Apple app: Maily

Website 1: PBSKids

Website 2: ABCYa

Click here to view my reviews on two websites, one Apple app and one Android app.

I hope this helps those of you looking to help your children learn and play all at the same time. That goes for you too, teachers!

Thanks for stopping by.


Leave a book, take a book.

A few weeks ago I brought my brother to a physical therapy appointment. As we sat down, I noticed a book shelf in the corner that said “Leave a book, take a book.” I loved how simple this was, yet how much “the book switch” isn’t done anymore.

By writing “Leave a book, take a book,” you are encouraging reading. You are encouraging people to try a new book. You are encouraging bringing back paper books. I know in waiting rooms people usually use something to occupy themselves…but lately it seems like all people use to entertain themselves is their phones.

Encourage reading books. It is not a lost art. 

You can make a difference. Using something just as simple as a book case and a note can make a change.


Blogging 101: Who I am and why I’m here.

Well to start off, I am here because blogging has always been something I’ve wanted to do. You can read my about page for a tid-bit on who I am. I have always watched Youtubers and have always loved to read. I love hearing people’s thoughts and views on the world. I want to make a difference.

Honestly, I never really had the guts to ever make a blog. Whether it was because I didn’t know how or because I was worried about what people thought. However a few months ago that all changed. I went away to college and didn’t have the best time (honestly I just finished my first Semester and I still am not a fan at all) and this blog was/is my outlet.

Since I felt so alone and not like myself I decided to make a blog to try and find my way back to myself and maybe figure out how I was going to get college to work. So far, that has worked. I feel more confident in who I am and I feel that I’ve found a better version of myself. I found writing again.

I have always loved to write. I have kept numerous journals, diaries, photo journals and art sketchbooks. Each of which have a story to tell but in a different way. For some reason, this blog has made me not only use writing as a hobby and an outlet but has become a pure passion. I now write multiple times a week in my journal, my Bucket List journal, my planner and I write on my blog. It is so freeing to know you’re being heard and most importantly, that you may be helping someone who is having the same struggles or joys.

I now want to start writing a book. I’d also like to get some poems or stories published along with getting my blog off the ground. That would be a start for my career as a writer. Yes, I do intend on double majoring English with art education or elementary education (whichever I end up choosing). My ultimate plan is to make a difference and I trust that will happen either way.

Who are you and why are you here?

The New Year 2016

Happy 2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣6️⃣ 💫 a fresh start to do better, be better, try harder, & work towards our goals! …and a fresh dose of grace when we fall short. New Years Resolutions can be exciting & motivating! but also sometimes daunting. We start off in a sprint & we are READY TO WIN!!!! but….then you trip. You miss a day at the gym, you didn’t read your devotional, you eat what you said you weren’t going to eat, and the discouragement hits you fast and hard. This year does not have to be one of failures. Learn to accept your mistakes this year. Learn to embrace them and thank them and rejoice in them! In our weaknesses we are made strong. When you get up again and again, fall after fall – character is built. You learn to treat yourself with compassion, forgiveness, mercy, and grace. So this year as you endeavor to climb mountains, don’t forget to appreciate the bumps along the way because you wouldn’t get to the top without them.


My resolutions:

  • get a short story or poem published
  • inspire more people using my blog
  • start writing a book
  • get photos printed and organized
  • take 8,000 photos on my camera
  • hike at least half the peaks of a mountain range in my area
  • get a position in a club at school
  • get a writing and an art piece published in the art magazine at my college
  • improve my photography abilities and expand my knowledge on using my camera
  • volunteer more at elementary schools

In years past I have made resolutions but haven’t achieved or kept up with any of them. This year I did a few things to change that. I picked realistic and fun goals. My resolutions are ones I know I can complete but a conscious effort still needs to be made. I didn’t include fitness or mentality improvement as a resolution. I feel that by completing the goals I have already set that a better mentality and a higher fitness level will follow.

I am so excited for the New Year and for what is to come. So many things have happened this past year, good and bad. I’m sure this year will be an even better ride! To help you guys keep up with your resolutions I will be posting on Saturdays with posts that are based on a journal I bought. It is intended to keep you inspired and to remind you of what really matters. I hope you like them! I wish you the best of luck in 2016!